Monday, February 26, 2007


My grandmother is in the hopital. Intensive Care to be precise. She didn't sleep Friday night complaining of abdominal pain and presummed that it was because she hadn't had a BM in a few days. So, Saturday morning it was off to the hospital. Her vitals were all over the place and the blood work came back with very elevated white count indicating a severe infection. After a few more tests it's discovered that aside from severe constipation, she has a kidney stone. The infection from the kidney stone is so severe that it has passed to her blood stream and she is septic. On top of that she has pneumonia in both lungs.

It's been three days now and they want to do a procedure to try and remove the kidney stone but radiology won't touch her until she is more stable, they will try again tomorrow.

She's a tough one and needs to be kept sedated because otherwise she will refuse treatment, remove IVs, and monitors etc. because she knows better than the doctors. I have always teased her and asked her what street corner she got her medical degree at. When the ER Dr. told her she probably has emphyzema she made him a bet that she didn't. She kept telling him that she didn't have anything, she only had to go to the bathroom. He went along with her and asked her what she wanted to bet, she bet him a Whopper with cheese. When he came back later and told her that she owed him a Whopper with cheese no onions. She told him to check his records again that he was wrong all she needed was a laxative and her bathroom at home, he was to release her IMMEDIATELY!

Well, we need to take this one day at a time.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day!

I already gave all of my men a card that they found next to their breakfast this morning. I have gifts for each of them that they will find on their pillows when they get home. And I'm fixing a special dinner -something that all 3 of them like (a rarity- in itself)- boliche, white rice, platanos maduros, tomato & cucumber salad and for dessert sugar cookies for 14 and chocolate covered strawberries for the rest of us.

I also sent a card to my nephews and to my niece. I will also call my dad around lunch time because he's probably sleeping now.

This morning here at the office I got on the elevator with a guy dressed in a big heart costume. You know stuffed looking like a read heart M&M, he had a bunch of balloons in his hand and was going to deliver a singing telegram to someone on the 4th floor. Too much fun!

So smile at someone, hug someone, let them know you care.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Walking out....

I've walked out of restaurants because of poor service, I have left stores because of poor service, not gone back to stores because I recieved bad service. But yesterday was a first, I walked out of an opera. Have you ever? It was just tooo hard. It was Puccini's Manon Lescaut. That may not mean anything to many but anyways...

Granted my seat isn't fantabuous. It's the last row in the top tier yeah- nosebleed seats. There's a little computer thingy in front of me that let's me read a synopsis of the story and read a translation of the singing during the performance because my seat is so high I can't see the translation of the screen above the stage due to a cieling overhang. So, start with the computer thingy wasn't there. I had to read the synopsis in the playbill. The story was confusing. The men's names were too similar, I couldn't follow along. Maybe there was a typo, I dunno. Ok, so I'll just watch and enjoy. NOT. The first performer, who I am sure sings perfectly well, they are professionals after all, we couldn't hear him, like he wasn't projecting enough. At first I thought the music was maybe too much and overpowering him but we coulld hear the next guy. Whatever, it's not like I'm fluent in Italian and can understand what is happening. But I can usuallu catch enough words to piece the story together along with glancing at my translator thingy. But not yesterday! The woman didn't impress me either. Then there were such drastic costume changes with each act, I couldn't even recognize the different men (remember I sit to far to actually see their faces). After three acts, it was just too much. I knew that she was going to die, so, really enough was enough. We left. Outside I asked an usher out of curiosity if she knew how long the last act was. 22 minutes she said, 22 minutes of dieing. I'm glad we left. Maybe I just wasn't mentally in the mood. Gimme patience!
Later I found out that it had gotten bad reviews, so maybe it wasn't me after all.

Next opera....La Sunday...hopefully better than yesterday.