Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would have been my mother's 64th birthday. WOW! Obviously, I never think of my mother older. Whenever I think about her and "put her in" the picture of my current life events I picture her as she was even before she got sick. Because once she was sick she depending on the stage was either very gaunt or very bloated; I don't see that in my minds' eye. So, to think that should would have been 64, I can't imagine what that would look like. That's not true I guess, because she'd probably look like a thinner version of my grandmother 20 years ago. The three of us look so much a like, that would probably be a pretty sure bet.

So, today I get a little misty because I think of how she missed having grandchildren (and they having her) and I know she would have loved spoiling them and making them all kinds of crap they don't need. I know this because she did it for her kids so it would only have multiplied for her grankids. She wanted boys. Her first words when I was born were "Damn, I wanted a boy!". So she would have been very happy with my two boys. No, I am not making that up, it's in my baby book. But at the same time I know she would have loved my niece because she's a girly girl. She loves her dresses and frilly girly things. I had all that because my mother tried but it just wasn't me.

Thanksgiving is always tough for me because it was our favorite holiday which makes me think about her a lot and inevitably I put her in the picture of my events. I will be baking and cooking with her in mind. Heck, she's why I make apple pie every year.

In so many ways, I am like her (and yet not like her). Of course, there was a time in my life that comparison used to bother the hell out of me. Now, I welcome it. So, today mom, I will be baking your pie and making the American side dishes you loved so much: sweet potato casserole and fresh cranberry sauce. I know Thanksgiving Eve is the one day that you will be in heaven's kitchen cooking and baking. I can hear you bitching about it from here and dad telling you not to do it and you telling him that you have to because its the way you make lasting memories. LOL! It worked, mom, we remember. My brother is cooking too for the holiday. Last year he called me for pie tips. I remember them all and passed them on.
Happy Birthday mom! Still miss you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Only good stuff..

I'm only going to write about how the weekend started because it ended horribly with a big fight with hubby that is still having after effects. But I'm not writing about that so let me move on.

Friday night we went with friends to my kids high school's football playoff game. I have no children playing in this game, 19 was on the sidelines rooting on his former teammates and 16 had taken off with other friends to the State Meet for Cross Country. The football team lost. They didn't play well at all. They lost against the same team they have lost to for that past 2 years. Oh, but I'm only writing about the good stuff, so let me move on.

Saturday I picked up a friend VERY early in the morning to go to a local Craft Fair that used to be much bigger than what it was this past Saturday but it was still nice. We met other friends there and had a lovely time, strolling around looking at all the wares and picking it up saying I like this but its how much, I could make that (but I don't) but since I can, I don't buy it. I love going through it all and seeing what everyone has made, their creativeness. It's inspiring. It soothes my soul. I think it has something to do with the fact that as a kid my mother and I used to go to all those Church bazaars and craft festivals they have up north. It's not a Miami thing. This Harvest Fest is the closest thing to it. So it feels good and comforting to go even though I hardly buy anything any more.

One of the cutest things that made me laugh were the Florida snowmen. It was Styrofoam balls (2) glued together to be a snowman but they were covered in sand! and were wearing beachwear. They were adorable! Of course, I didn't buy any because, I can make those.

The Cross Country team won the State Championship. 16 is so thrilled and he didn't even run. He was part of the team during the year but wasn't the top 7, so he didn't make States but he's thrilled and may get a ring.

Then Sunday I, nevermind I'm only writing about the good stuff...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

18, 19

Yep. Today 18 turns 19. Wow! I have a 19 year old son. That just amazes me. Honestly, time flies.

He will be home tomorrow from college. He has a final today. I hope he Aces it for his bday gift to himself. What are we giving him you ask? He a college student. What does every college student want? Cash. That's what we are giving him. I am also going to make him some Cuban food favorites so that he can get his fill while he's here. I am starting tonight by making Lentils. The recipe we learned in one of the Cuban Cooking classes. It cold here right now so it will be perfect.

So, what's going to change while he's here....
His room right now is spotless; no more. Things are very laid back with only 16 around; no more - there will be alot more coordinating things. Dinner is less; no more- he's a bottomless pit.
It's all good. I've missed him and it will certainly be fun to hear all the stories and have him home again. Honestly, I don't expect to see too much of him. I imagine he will be out visiting friends and doing stuff he's missed while he's gone. But I will be glad he's home.
Happy Birthday baby!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Stuff like this makes me insane! I can't believe it. Actually I can believe it but it still outrages me. The hypocrisy of it all just makes me want to scream! If I got a letter like that from my pastor, I would SO leave that church ASAP. There just are no words.... and ain't enough patience!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have already done my annual ornament shopping. Each year I give ornaments to my boys.

They went through the Hallmark Wish Book and initialled next to each ornament they would like and then I go through and pick out what I want from there or not and surprise them. I try to get them each one they picked. I also try to pick an ornament that has a significance, that ties into something they did in the past year or a favorite thing.

Like when the boys loved Power Rangers, they each got a Power Ranger ornament. Or for example 18 graduated high school in May, so it's easy to get him a graduation ornament because there are tons of them. Sometimes it can be related to a vacation, an activity or similar event. Like their first fishing trip, they each have a different ornament for that.

Hubby likes Santa, so his ornaments are usually Santa doing something whether it was playing golf, surfing on a remote control, juggling sports balls etc. Those are some he's received in the past. All 3 of them are also big on Super Heroes. We have a quite a few hanging on the tree as well as athletes or ornaments representing the various teams they support.

I am happy with what I got this year. I was thinking about this last night because tonight I will probably sit and write a note on the boxes and date them with the year to commemorate the reason for the ornament and wrap them. That way, if they find them, they will be wrapped and they can still be surprised.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I thought airfare had gone down. Didn't I read that somewhere? Wasn't that in the news? You could fool me.

I was looking for flights today so that 18 can come home for his winter break and OMG! it is prohibitive. It's going to cost upwards of $500 to get this child home for the holidays and back to school in January. That is for one person, round trip with no extra luggage. Sweet Jesus, that is a lot of mulah!

I have searched every travel search engine, all sorts of combinations, using all the local airports, combo's of trains and planes (that would be like 10 hours of travel to get from NY to Miami) and there are no shortcuts to be had. Ridiculous! Outrageous!

I am thankful that he doesn't go back after Thanksgiving. Once he comes down the week before, he stays until Jan. 4th. He's not even flying Thanksgiving week. It's the week before! Outrageous! but I think I said that already. OK, I am breathing. I will bite the bullet tomorrow because theoretically the airfare sales are on Tuesdays. Yeah, whatever. Maybe I can find it for 499! Gimme patience and a bucket of cash!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I didn't even make it though week one. What a loser! Oh, well, that's life.

Remember that terrible day last Thursday? There were two good things that come of it. We got the call that our car was ready and I was invited to a game night at a friends house for Friday. Which the way way my week had been going, was desperately needed.

So, Friday saved the week. The work day was super swamped but we picked up the car and it looks like nothing happened. It came out great. And after going to see my grandmother who is doing well this week I went to game night.

A few of us played charades while we waited for the pizza. I say a few because although everyone was sitting there only 3 of us were acting out things and guessing. No one else wanted to act - such party poopers. After dinner, we played Cranium. That game is always worth a few good laughs and laughing makes the bad stuff melt away even if its only for a little while.
So, Friday ended nice or started the weekend nice, whichever way you want to view it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Maybe tomorrow

Today has been a crappy day. One of those hard ones where you wish you had stayed in bed. I don't even wanna talk about it, don't wanna blog about it but I gotta blog because of the NABLOPOMO stuff. So, come back tomorrow because they say the sun is coming out again and we have another shot at his again, it will be a brand new day etc., etc., etc.,

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I don't want to say we because really all I did was vote and send him 20 bucks.
I still can't believe it. It's exciting. I'm excited. I honestly didn't believe the polls. Ask anyone who knows me. I kept saying this country won't elect a black man. I just don't see it. BoyOBoy, am I glad I was wrong. Wow! He did it.

Now he's got to get it done and he's being handed this country in the worst state its been in forever. Of course, I am also one of those who believes that no matter who was elected president, the economy hasn't hit bottom yet. That scares me because I am afraid that it will be blamed on him.

Only time will tell but I am excited. I am also very glad that it ended last night and there were no major glitches to drag it out. WOW. He did it!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote and be nice!

I voted this morning before work. OMG were people rude!
They had us standing outside in 3 lines, divided alphabetically to match the register lists inside. Well, the A-G line was moving the slowest and those people got VERY aggressive with the poll workers at why they were taking people from the other 2 lines and not theirs. One woman was yelling and screaming at how unfair it was, they were there when it was dark, it wasn't fair and others were going in first, it wasn't fair, yadda wasn't fair. When we got inside, she saw that my line the P-Z had only two people in it where hers had like 20. So, she said to her partner, that now she understood that since the other line was empty, they shouldn't have people waiting outside for no reason. So, I turned around after signing the register and asked, So are you going to apologize to the worker you verbally abused outside. Her eyes opened wide as I continued, It would be the fair thing to do. I completed my ballot in the line for the booths. Since I didn't need to go to a booth I went directly to the scanner. She was behind someone at the next scanner. I waited for her at the door and just watched her. I didn't say anything. I just stood there with my arms crossed watching her. I think I intimidated her in to apologizing. The man accepted it graciously.

I truly pray that this is all over tonight and that there are no glitches. I don't think I can handle stretching this out any longer. Please gimme patience!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve

I am now going to review the amendments that are on the ballot and write out my answers. I have already studied the issues but I want to write out my answers and go in with a cheat-sheet of sorts so that I can breeze through it and not take a lot of time. I always vote that way. I don't want to have to sit there and read and reread the amendments which are usually cumbersome and worded to confuse us. I try to be prepared when I go in.

Tomorrow we will know the country's choice. They say they are expecting 80% voter turnout. That's unheard of. I think it's wonderful. People realize that its a historic election (no matter which party wins) and they want to be a part of it. I think that's awesome I hope that the trend to come out and vote stays with these people.

I have my doubts that my candidate, Obama, will win. Sadly, I am very skeptical and I'm not convinced that race won't be a big factor. I wish, I hope, I am wrong. We shall see. I honestly, cannot imagine 4 years of McCain and Palin and I swear I almost crashed the car the other day when I heard someone on the radio saying 2012 Palin for President. OMG! OMG! OMG! I just cannot imagine. If I compare my resume to hers, I am just as qualified....we both played high school sports, I wasn't a beauty queen but I was a debutante, her executive and management efforts in Alaskan govt, match mine in management for 14 of my 16 year career in (at the time) largest American bank in the world! Oops, I guess that might make me overqualified. She's a hockey mom, I was a soccer mom and now am a football mom. Again, maybe being a multi-sport mom overqualifies me. Well, here's hoping that she goes away and that her 15 minutes are up.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


It's late. Almost forgot but here's a post. A real one tomorrow...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Today is...

Today is the first day of NABLOPOMO. I haven't officially joined it yet but I am toying with the idea because I have so much free time. BAHAHAHAhaha.

Today is also All Saints Day. I didn't go to mass. It's a holy day of obligation for Catholics.

Today (more importantly) is my best friend's wedding anniversary. So, here's her shout out. WooHoo! I say her and her hubby last night at a Halloween Party and we sang them Happy Anniversary near midnight when we were all preparing to leave. I wish them many wonderful years of love, joy and happiness.