Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day!

I already gave all of my men a card that they found next to their breakfast this morning. I have gifts for each of them that they will find on their pillows when they get home. And I'm fixing a special dinner -something that all 3 of them like (a rarity- in itself)- boliche, white rice, platanos maduros, tomato & cucumber salad and for dessert sugar cookies for 14 and chocolate covered strawberries for the rest of us.

I also sent a card to my nephews and to my niece. I will also call my dad around lunch time because he's probably sleeping now.

This morning here at the office I got on the elevator with a guy dressed in a big heart costume. You know stuffed looking like a read heart M&M, he had a bunch of balloons in his hand and was going to deliver a singing telegram to someone on the 4th floor. Too much fun!

So smile at someone, hug someone, let them know you care.

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