Friday, February 27, 2009

Lights... Camera... Action!

16 often has said that we need to be a reality TV show. A camera should just be following us. According to him, out lives are much funnier and more interesting that some of the reality shows he sees. I usually think that's just a testament to how much bad TV there is and he's watching it. But sometimes, there are moments that make me want to stop and yell, "Where's the camera?" just like he does.

I mean really. Let me just recap some of the stuff he says are TV worthy and you decide.

Do you make the girlscouts stop packing up their stuff and jump into the back of their pick-up truck to sell you a few (5) boxes of cookies before they leave?

Do you normally throw a surprise birthday dinner party for a friend and the guest of honor and later your son end up getting a haircut right there in your dinning room after Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles?

And isn't it normal to wear sunglasses on top of your prescription glasses? I mean you take off the contacts because your eyes are sore and itching because of a head cold. You don't have prescription sunglasses so, when you are driving you put your sunglasses right on top of the regular glasses. Normal, right?

Have you ever pulled out a load of clothes from the dryer and started folding and hanging them thinking, 'they smell a little funky' , only to realize that you "washed" them in the dryer not the washer. That's right, you basically dried your dirty clothes. I discovered it when I went to turn a shirt right side out and my hand got all full of gooey stuff that was the stain removerl I had applied before I thought I had put them in the washer.

Or have you ever gotten home sick from visiting family in the hospital and looked for the soup you asked hubby to order and think he forgot because you can't find any containers anywhere. You ask him as you serve yourself some juice and he says it's there on the table -not, on the counter? - not. He gets up and checks the fridge thinking your child put it away. But I ordered it, he insists. He opens the garbage- BINGO. There it is. The child who NEVER throws anything away, threw it away. So, you go to give said child a hard time about it and he's mortified and profusely apologizes but then starts laughing. You want to hear the best part?, he asks. Sure, why not can it get any better? When I picked it up to throw it out it was kinda heavy and I thought "Wow, they sent a lot of beans. But I just thought we order so often maybe they were just giving you some extra. (Background: They ordered from a local Cuban restaurant that always send a 'coffee cup' container with beans for the rice with each meal that always gets thrown out at my house because he doesn't eat them.) We laughed so hard, we cried.

And I am sure that when you have gone to see a family member in the hospital, the hospital has lost all their previous records and then as you recreate them the patient starts arguing that you are wrong. They insist they have allergies and you insist they don't. The hospital doesn't know who to believe because the patient is telling them that you are out to kill them for the inheritance. So, they make you sign paperwork waiving you right to sue them should any harm come to you beloved family member while in their care based on any medications they provide her. All this while said beloved person is yelling, "she just wants to kill me, but bad bugs don't die!" in a little sing songy nursery song way.

If these types of things didn't happen to you while you have been sick with a sore throat and the head cold from hell then good for you but that has been a glimpse of my life in the past 2 week.

Tell me all of that is normal...otherwise send over the camera crew. Gimme patience and TGIF!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pits, pits, everywhere pits!

Man oh man am I tired! I am tired of no fun. I am tired of everything being hard...a struggle...

It's official I'm sick. I'm congested. My throat hurts. I feel hot and then cold. I feel lousy. 16 is feeling better. That's good of course but the problem is he gave it to me. Can you feel the love? Oh, the joy.

Hubby and I have been at odds lately. I want to throw the TV out the window but it's big and heavy, not sure I can do it on my own. But I'm thinking without the TV maybe we could get something done. Probably just my wishful thinking. Is excessive TV watching grounds for divorce?

GM has been calling me complaining of insignificant things just because she's bored and has nothing to do. I get that and usually muddle through it but it's getting to me. Now, I was just called and told that she's going to the hospital (yes, again) to get IV antibiotics for a recurring UTI. She's excited about going to the hospital. I find that so sad. Naturally, I am not looking forward to this adventure of hers.

Just needed to vent a bit...hopefully, better stuff to blog about later. I just want something simple and fun. Puleeze, gimme patience.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For the past two weeks I've been dealing with not-fun stuff that I think may be coming to an end.

GM, as you know has a number of medical issues and is slightly cantankerous (because it would not be nice to say bitchy now, would it) in her ways. Anyway, since her last hospital visit in December she has been clamoring loudly that she will never go back to the hospital again. We are to leave her alone and let her die. That's all well and good but she lives in an ALF (Assisted Living Facility) that will loose their license if they don't provide and seek her medical attention when required. She doesn't care. So, we explained to her there are certain programs (not writing their name, to not get the hits) that we can enroll her in that will allow her to remain at the ALF and not go to the hospital. They will some to her to treat her and make her comfortable. She was all for it! And so the coordination began. A swarm of people come to evaluate her. She tells them so many wild stories that if I wrote them down, I swear I'd have a best seller. One of my personal favorites is that they have to get her well enough because she is leaving the US and going to live in Cuba. She's leaving in 3 weeks. He believed her and did not approve her for the program. I try again, she tells him that she has a personal therapist come to the house to train with her every day. She has to be able to walk because she is going to Spain to see the Olympics that her great-grandson will be running in. She promptly stood up BY HER SELF and walked from the bedroom to the living room to prove it. Everyone at the ALF was stunned because she hasn't done that before or since. She won't even walk to the bathroom! She wasn't approved. So, here we go try #3. The man calls me while he's visiting.
Man: "She seems a little confused. Talking to me about living in Cuba and not having any tubes put in."
Me: "Yes, she is confused. She's not going anywhere that's why I want her in the program."
Man: "So, she isn't picked up every day and taken to therapy, the bank and then lunch with friends?"
Me: "She is only taken to the bathroom. She goes no where outside the house. WE have to convince her to sit in the back yard."
Man: "So, you are not trying to hook her up to machines and keep her alive to steal and live off of her money."
Me: "I'm not hooking her up to anything. There is no money, her income pays for the ALF and the prepay plan for her funeral. There is literally a balance $1.11 in her bank account today."
Man: "She already signed all my paperwork. I've approved her. Tomorrow the nurse will come and the next day the Minister will come to evaluate her."
Me: "Thank you so much. Does a Minister HAVE to evaluate her? She may not be very nice to him. I'm not sure how ell that will go."

Yesterday the Minister went. I spoke to him first. He called me after and told me that she was everything I said she was. She told that man of the cloth that he was stupid living a lie all his life and believing in that foolishness. We were all going to die and that was it. There was no God because if there was children would never die and her daughter would still be alive. She would be dead because she has been wanting to die since the day her daughter died. Of there were a God she would not be suffering this way. When he tried to explain the whole why God allows suffering, she threw him out of the place. I apologized but I don't think he'll be back. He did agree that she needed help and gratefully approved her for the program.

As far as I know one more person has to go and then we are all approved. It's been exhausting. Gimem patience.

Monday, February 16, 2009


So, I did cook over the weekend. I did a lot of cooking over the weekend. Aside from the normal dinner routine, I made: Waffles, Crepes, Oatmeal cranberry cookies, a flan and roasted beets with a butter parsley that was yum-mo and I made what I'll call a quickie Beef Bourguignon using a can of Golden Mushroom soup as the shortcut.

It all came out well. My biggest coup was the flan. I have been trying to made kickazz flan for years. It's always been good but not great. You see, hubby family makes kickazz flan. His mom and his aunt knock it out of the ball park. It's so dang creamy. They have given me the recipe umpteen times and gone over how to make it over and over and every time I make it hubby, 19 and I always agree that it just doesn't measure up to theirs.

Recently, his aunt actually gave me the same pan that she makes it in because I have been insisting that my problem is the cooking time. I didn't think I was pulling it out at the right doneness. So, the thinking was that if I had the same pan and cook it for the same time as she does, it should work. My first attempt with her pan on Superbowl weekend was a hit with everyone but hubby and I knew it wasn't there yet. Close but not quite. I think it was slightly overcooked. So, I tried it again as my Valentines gift for hubby. It's his favorite dessert. When I flipped it, I was nervous. I sliced into in and like the way the knife felt running through it. I served it and let him take the first bite. All he said was 'ummp, you did it!' as he swallowed the first bite. I tried it and baby, I nailed it! I did it! It was the best flan I have ever made. Oh, so creamy and not overly eggy or dense. Perfect! Oh Happy Day!
Now can I duplicate this? Can I do it again? That's the big question. But for now, I will bask in the glory of my flan, thank you very much.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What to do? What to do? Start something new!

I have an assortment of projects going on and don't know what to do first or next.

I have some pictures that I want to order to scrap a mini-brag book for a friend who just had a baby. I already have a table full of photos from last May and papers and and embellishments waiting to be scrapped. I have a blouse already cut waiting to be sewn. A stack of fabric waiting to be cut and sewn into a jumper for my niece, blouses for me and oh yeah the fabric to re-cover the chair in the office and then there' s the quilt project for 16. And the book I just started that I left in the car and am not reading right this minute.

So, this weekend I think I'm going to cook and bake. I heard that. I know, I have so many other things started I can't decide which one to do, so I'll just do something else. That usually works. I'll make 16 some Valentine sugar cookies for starters. That's what I'm gonna do.

That will be in between visiting a friend who's in the hospital and wishing them well. HMmmm...maybe I'll make them something too. If he goes home tomorrow, I will definitely make them something. But what? Decisions, decisions....
The good news is...I'm coming out of my funk...climbing out of that bowl of pits. woo hoo!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the pits

Did you ever read "if life is a bowl of cherries, what am i doing in the pits" by Erma Bombeck? Crap. I just dated myself big time. Oh well, par for the course. When I was a kid I loved that title. I mean really loved it. I thought it was perfect. It thought it was a perfect way of explaining if may be all wonderful on the outside or in the big picture but I'm not happy right now. It also made me feel like it was OK to be not happy when essentially you have every reason to be happy just don't be unhappy all the time.

Not every day is peaches and cream. Take today for instance.... Big picture: We're alive, we're free, we both have jobs, all in good health, many blessings yadda yadda. So why do I want a do-over or better yet a skip-ahead to tomorrow. Here's why. I've got my monthly headache ergo monthly visitor about to arrive, got up late and didn't have time for coffee at home, back hurts maybe because I spent half the night crouched under the kitchen sink cleaning it out from the leaking and the backed up disposal, I forgot to mail my son's Valentine's Day card (yes, I snail mail cards. It's fun to get things in the mail!) so now it will be late, I didn't bring lunch which means I have to drag this head and back achy body someplace to eat something at some point.

So you see no earth shattering problems here. I have friends going through worse crap. So add to the above some guilt for feeling crappy when I really shouldn't. But I feel like I'm in the pits today. Erma would understand. Gimme comfort and joy at the moment.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Music's big night

Did you watch the Grammys? I kinda did. I Tivod it and then watched it after the fact fast forwarding through the awards and only stopping to see the performance.

They don't pay me to review the Grammy's but why should that stop me? Here's my take on it.

* I'm concerned for the recording music world because apparently there's a shortage of performers because the same one kept coming on stage to perform. It seems they aren't enough to fill the entertainment slots of a 3 hour awards show.

* I don't like it when Grammy performances are new songs. This is a venue where I think the songs should be representative of the best of the year not an attempt to try out a new song on an audience, not even if you are veteran performers like U2.

* Maybe it was my imagination but I remember awards shows showcases all the genres. I think they need to revisit that. There are genres of music that received their award during the pre-televised show. I would like to hear the best of each genre, get exposed to something I maybe don't always listen to, maybe I'll like it maybe not but if it's out there some one's listening to it. It deserves to be showcased on music's "biggest night of the year".

* I want to take it upon myself to personally apologize to Stevie Wonder, an American Music icon for paring him with those children (I refuse to write their name because I don't want the hits to my site). I would also like to call for the public humiliation of the person who's idea that was to have him sing with the JBs. I think they scared him, jumping up behind him and around him to sing into his microphone. OMG! Do they even know who he is?! They didn't know the words to the song! They flubbed that enough. I was truly embarrassed for the man. The JBs should not have been on the same stage with him. I'm sorry Mr. Wonder. I think that maybe let let him come back out and perform solo as a make-up for that first aberration. If that's the case, he's the only one I am ok with that came out for a double performance.

* I would think they may have connections with some of the top people in the industry and be able to fix some of the sound issues. There is no reason why in that venue any band should be overpowering a singer or it should sound like they are singing in a tin cave. Puleeze!

* WHY oh why, is there no frickin frackin host?! They must being back the host. the host keeps the show rolling. Keeps it from feeling like it's all just tossed together haphazardly. Get a host!

Honestly, they need to work on the show overall. I was happy that I didn't sit there for the entire thing and was able to fast forward through most of it.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Because I don't have a toilet seat warmer...

or an excuse to drink mulled wine in So. FL.

Last week we had our second cold snap of the season here in sunny Miami. Let me translate that for the rest of the country/world (read: the 2 people who read this blog). We had our second 3-day stretch of below 60 degree weather. Perspective people. Please, a little perspective. I grew up in northern Virginia, I realize still not frozen tundra country but it got darn cold and snowed plenty. I grew up with 4 seasons that were visually different from each other. That's not the case here in Miami. We have 2 seasons: rainy season and not rainy season. It's an adjustment still after OMG, I've been living here 25 years. Jeez where did the time go? But I digress....
A year ago, maybe 2, (as you can read I am obviously having issues in this area), friends of mine brought me a bottle of mulled wine from their vacation in Philly. I'm sure we all understand why this may be purchased in bulk up there and be a novelty item in Miami. I thought it was a lovely gift and was looking forward to it but really the timing had to be right. Perfect in fact, because what tends to happen here is it's chilly (50s) when I leave in the morning for work by the time I get home its perfectly comfortable and no need for mulling of wine or anything else.
This little cold snap last week was different. I for one welcomed the change of pace. We actually had multiple days of actual cold weather to the point that in the evening I let my dog sleep inside the house because it was cold out. 30's is cold people. My house was cold because, I know others have turned on heaters in Miami but I just can't wrap my head around that one, so the house is cold. I actually put socks on and couldn't be barefoot on the tile floor. I'd change into my hangout clothes after work and its all good. Then I had to go to the bathroom. OMG! The toilet seat was friggin freezing. Sent chills up and down made me wish I was momentarily a man and didn't have to sit down to do my business. It chilled me inside and out. Seriously. I was cold. Then it hit me. I need to have something to warm me up from the inside out. I did not want hot chocolate and then it came to me in a flash- the mulled wine. I whipped out a pot and heated it toute suite. It was de-lish. Hubby and 16 were asking what I was making for dinner because their nose couldn't decipher the new scent. I explained that I was having mulled wine because we didn't have a toilet set warmer. Hubby calmly explained that no one in Miami has one because we don't need them here. I realize and acknowledge that but going to the bathroom made my tushy cold and the rest of me cold and so I needed to warm up, I explained. They laughed at me and left me alone. I didn't care I was all warm and cozy.
The downside or upside (its all about perspective) is that drinking the mulled wine make me have to go tinkle again and then since we still didn't have a toilet warmer, I got cold again and needed more mulled wine. Forever (until the bottle ran out) caught in a vicious cycle. I'm told that warm wine goes to your head more quickly. Hmmm....I did have a very pleasant evening that night. It was ALL GOOD.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Comfort Food

It's been cold here in sunny South Florida. Honest. It's in the 40s and even 30s at night. That's cold. For people who live here is freezing but we won't get into that. Anyway, between the cold and I have some friends who are going through some yucky stuff and that drags me down a bit I needed some comfort food.

Last night I made good ole meat loaf and mac n cheese. I'm not talking little powder pack of seasoning meat loaf or box mac n cheese. I am talking all homemade from scratch. I did make dough boy pop in the oven biscuits because there's only so much a girl can do on a weeknight.

Dinner was DElicious. I sauteed the onions and spices for the meatloaf first and grated a carrot to add to the mix. THEN I wrapped it in bacon! Tell me what's not better with bacon. Nothing.

The mac n cheese was yummy! The macaroni were just right not overcooked and mushy. The cheese was a combo of Colby, cheddar and parm blended into a roux with butter and cream. I tossed it all together and put it in the oven with more parm sprinkled on top and let it bubble up. Oh So Good!

I felt so warm and good after dinner. It was a comfort meal for me. Not so much for my boys because they didn't grow up on that since they don't really have winter and all but I used to have that at least every 10 days in the winter if not more often. I was feeling a bit drained. Dinner took me back and recharged me. I am ready for the weekend and getting things done.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Super Event

As for many the Super Bowl is an event. My boys are SUPERfanatics of the game as are many of our friends. This all leads us to a large (and every year growing larger) gathering at a friend's house to watch the game.

We by silent agreement divide up into groups. Those who actually want to watch each pass, run and down of the game and debate the wisdom of the play calling during commercials go to the TV room and watch it in HD on the 61" TV. Those who want to watch the commercials and discuss their effectiveness during the game while merely keeping track of who's winning or loosing are in the living room watching it on a normal 27" (I'm guessing here) TV. Those who want conversation with someone other than immediate family stay in the kitchen chatting. You are free to roam back and forth between the areas, there are no real rules just don't interrupt any one's viewing priorities and it's all good.

By all accounts the game this year was actually good, worth watching. I actually paid attention in the 4th quarter. By contrast the commercials - not so much. I was totally underwhelmed by the commercials this year and blame it on Wall Street. I am blaming it on the state of the economy that I think there were more movie trailers than anything else. The Anheuser Bush did come through with the horses and their sweet commercials. But some of the others were pitiful. The only one that I can recall made me laugh was the diet Pepsi one of all the men getting hurt. Actually, it make me yelp each time some one was hurt and then I laughed after the tag line. "Men can take anything except diet soda, until now."

I did not like the Conan one, or the job search ones, or the grease monkey one or the Doritos one where he got hit by a bus! I did think their snow globe one was funny but then I thought what, you have to be an idiot to eat Doritos??? So, I'm not sure about that one.

I was looking forward to the Miller High Life one-second commercials that their spots leading up to the big game had hinted at. I cracked up with after the game their commercial came on and it was just the delivery guy saying "1 Mississippi!" In the previous spots he had said that anything could be a commercial for high life LOL!

So, here's hoping that next year's Super Bowl brings us better commercials.