Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Raisin in the Sun

I read this play last summer. Why? Because I never had but I knew about it. As I read it I recalled the story I still couldn't remember from where or if I had read it in school. No matter. It was worth a reread.

A remake of the movie was on TV last night. It was excellent. Phylicia Rashad, Sean Combs, Audra McDonald and Sanaa Lathan were all perfectly cast. The story is 1959 but it's today too. Unfortunately, you still see the racism - at least I do. The story is about family, family bonds, family ties, family dreams. Each member of the family has their dreams, everyone supports one another at the same time pushing and pulling and dreams get broken and sacrificed for the family. 1959 and it covers everything from poverty, race discrimination, civil rights, women's rights, protest, social assimilation, abortion, religion. So many heavy topics in such a short glimpse of the family - the story only covers a few days.

This group of actors is the same one that performed the revival of the play on Broadway. I would love to see them live. It was 3 hours last night with all the commercials and I probably cried for 2 of them as I watched them all stumble and fall and get up again. It was excellent....everyone should see/read this story. Kudos Ms. Lorraine Hansbery. I can't imagine writing this and publishing it in 1959. Now I want to see the original movie with Sydney Poitier.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

Last night we watched the Oscars. I remember back when hubby and I were dating we went to the movies EVERY weekend and we knew all the movies that were nominated at the Oscars in all the main categories and watching the Oscars was an interactive experience. It was fun. We would bet who was going to win what, we'd talk to the TV and argue with the Academy when the wrong person/movie won. Last night I just sat there and watched commenting on clothes not movies.
So, I went to my Netflix and proceeded to add ALL of the movies that have won Best Picture in Oscar's 80 years. Lower your eyebrows! I've seen half! I added 40 movies to my Netflix including last night's winner. Let's see if I can get hubby to watch some of those old ones!

You will be hearing more about this.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


One of a kind....classy...those are the first two words that pop into my head about Beba, my best friend's mom. We said good-bye to her today. Yes, it was sad and we cried but it was beautiful to see the gathering of friends and family that came to support my friend and help her say see you later to her mom. From down the street to Boca Raton to Cape Coral to New York and even the Brother who performed the service at her parents wedding anniversary was passing through from a visit to Cuba attended the service. I know Beba loved that.

I met Beba when her husband passed away and she was already suffering from the short term memory loss and the beginning of Alzheimer but she was a wonderful lady. From the stories she told, the way she carried herself and the stories I have heard from her daughter I can tell you she was someone I would have loved to know 20 years ago. Her strength of character, her love of life was all very apparent.

The service was nice... a few hours at the funeral parlor and then a mass. It was a weekday and so some people went to one thing or the other only a few to both. I think Beba would have liked that too. I don't think she would have wanted a big fuss- that wasn't her style- she wouldn't want to disrupt everyone's day completely but different people comig and going visiting and catching up, looking at pictures, saying good-bye, going to mass - I think that was her style. The mass was in Spanish as it should have been for Beba. The presided priest, clearly a Spaniard, said some lovely things not all of which were understood because of his stong Spanish accent. And ya know I think Beba was chuckling because ya know there had to be little something to stand out and make the event memorable. It just fit.

After the service we went to Versailles for lunch. As hubby calls it 'Ground Zero for the Cuban Exiles', we took the friends from the West Coast to eat traditional Cuban Food. I don't think it was by accident that we were 5 but they sat us at a table for 6. The extra spot ws for Beba encouraging us to entertain the out of town friends and introduce them to something new.

So, I had a Mojito for Beba and ate too much and spent the rest of the day hanging with my friends because I think that's was Beba would have wanted. I see her hand in hand with her husband, who I know she missed terribly because she always talked about him when I saw her and they lovingly watched us enjoying each other's company. So, bye Beba, say hi to my mom she's the one on the dance floor laughing.

Monday, February 18, 2008


What a nice weekend I had.....Semi-prodictive, VERY relaxing and lots of reconnecting....just lovely!

Saturday, after running errands early and doing house chores, I had lunch at home with hubby. Nothing special, just reheated leftovers from the crappy week but it was just the 2 of us and we sat and talked and it was nice.

We then went and picked up 18 at the airport from his week in DC. Heard a bunch of stories, he had a great time. We had an early dinner and all 4 four of us just sat around after dinner and 18 told us stories and we updated him on things from our week. It was nice. It all seemed so "grown-up". Hubby and I commented later that it was a little surreal that those were our children seeming like adult friends. Again, it was nice. Saturday night hubby and I hung out together and watched Tivo and folded clothes and sorted some pictures that I will be scrapping.

Sunday, I didn't have time to make the usual waffle breakfast for the boys because they slept in and I had the first cooking class that day but I left them the batter ready to go and was happy to hear later that they made their own waffles when they each got up. Of course, hubby commented that he hopes they ate more than they spilled all over the counter.

The cooking class... I am organizing cuban cooking classes to pass down home recipies to this generation. This was our inaugural class. it was at one of my best friends' mom's house. We learned to make ham croquettes. It was fabulous. Such a wonderful time. During the downtime form the actual cooking we sat aroudn and she showed us on old photo album and we talked about all sorts of things: Cuba, our kids, comparing the raising of kids from their times to our times to our kids, music etc.. It was soooooo nice!

When I got home 18 had me fry up some croquettes right away and loved them. We had another easy nice dinner and then the boys went out. I did some scrapping and hubby watched TV and we called it an early night around 11.

Such an easy, pleasant weekend. I wish everyday could be that way....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

not a good week

As you know I had 2 teeth pulled unexpectedly. My GM is in the hospital with gall stones arguing and fighting with everyone. My best friends mom passed away. I found out that my EFC (Expected Family Contribution) for 18s college is $17,846 according to Uncle Sam. Do they think I am hiding it in my matress? WTF?! andmy mouth still hurts. Just a bad week. Is it over yet?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Not today

I went to the dentist this morning for a cleaning. I also needed to schedule an extraction. I mean it's not an emergency but it needs to get done, he told me that last time. The longer I wait, the more it harms the other teeth, he said. Whatever...

Now he says, we need to extract 2 teeth, well he wants 2 today and 4 another day. Can you say cha-ching$! No, not today, I say. After some prodding, ok I say. Take one. I have to go to work, I have a ton of stuff to do. I go put more coinage in the meter and use the ladies room. I don't want to tinkle when they extract. They reviewed the insurance. It's better if they take 2 today. Insurance- wise. They will cover more $ and so now I have to say yes. I don't understand. I stop listening, thinking I shouldn't have come. So, I had two teeth pulled this morning. The novacaine is wearing off and I'm at work. I think I'm going to go get a Jamba Juice and head home as soon as this last report finishes printing. I have the envelopes all set to send it out and then I'm outta here. Here's to better bloggin tomorrow...

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Not the lunch meat but the chimp. Remember him from high school history class? He was the first chimp in outerspace. The Americans sent him up in 1961. I know you have a vague recollection. Anyway, my son is taking him to Close-Up next week. Unwrinkle your forhead and I will explain.

Close-up is a week long trip he is taking with school to DC to do various activities to see learn the workings of our government. He is leaving on Sunday. He has a teacher who apparently loved Ham the Chimp as a kid and has a stuffed Ham now. Ham has traveled to many places but has never gone to Close-Up and 18 is taking him. He will take pictures of him at the various places they go to document the trip and is hoping that when he meets our Representatives he can get them to pose with Ham. This is his goal for the trip. I am gushing with pride. A week long field trip in DC in an election year to learn the what's what and he wants to get snazzy pictures of a stuffed chimp. I have paid thousands of dollars for his private school education people, thousands! I'm just hoping he learns more than Ham does. Gimme patience!

Monday, February 04, 2008

The can't keep up so Dots it is...

Clearly, I am irregular in my blogging and so you get dots again to try and cover a few things all at once.

* My first food co-op was a sucess. It's all organic not necessarily locally grown but obtained through a local organic farmer. Anyway, I had star fruit which was delish! I had never had it before. It was YUMmy! 18 liked it too. I got: lettuce, apples, pears, bananas, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, and something else who's name I forgot but I didn't like it. I will find out again and blog about it later. Everything has been yummy except for that one fruit.

* 15 hit the streets this weekend. I have been taking him to the local community college to practice driving in their ample parking lots on the weekends. Well, this weekend he drove on "real streets" for the first time. We both survived. All I can say is I'm glad I don't have anymore kids, twice has been more than enough for me to teach someone to drive. Swallowing my nerves and not letting him see my nails gouging into my thighs is exhausting. A couple more weeks with just me and he's ready for dad and his brother. Then he will start doing the drving for most family outings to prepare to get his liscense in July. OMG! Hands down the hardest thing to do as a parent is hand them the keys. All control is gone then. Talk about severing the umbilical card!

* What did I see; I saw Jarhead and Fantastic Four. Both were what I expected. I don't know if I mentioned before but I found out that a childhood friend became an actor. My kids know of him. His Hollywood name is Laz Alonso. He has a supporting role in Jarhead and it's a big one. It was cool to see him and remember him as a little kid.

* I made chili for the superbowl. We went to some friends house and a bunch of us watched it together. Let's define together.... the diehard/true football fans watched in one room on a 60" screen TV, in the livivng room all our kids who were semi-interested in the game/commericals but mostly in hanging with their friends watched, and in yet another room, the wives who talked over the game and watched the commercials watched.

* My GMs ALF has called because she doesn't want to take her heart meds. She insists that she has no heart *issues*, wasn't operated and doesn't have a pacemaker. God grant me the serenity....

* Today is Monday! Best thing about Mondays....the cleaning lady is at my house. I will get home to that just cleaned smell! Love it!