Monday, June 30, 2008

Halfway there....

The year is half over! Can you believe it? I can't. So this would be the time of year that I take a look back and see what I've done and set my mind to a few more before the end of the year. I think about the resolutions I made and where I am with that.

So, I don't remember my resolutions. I looked back at my end of year and beginning of year entries because you would think that I would have blogged about it but didn't see any. So, we'll move on to what I have done. I fixed myself. That its I found a Doc, a DOM (Dr of Oriental Medicine) who has fixed me. I'm not in pain anymore. That's a biggie. Of course, i still have to loose weight so I am starting to walk. Haven't blogged about it because I didn't want to jinx it. But I am going to try to walk and reduce my intake. I'm already eating better because of my DOM but the problem now is quantity...proportions. My head knows the right ones but the serving hand, mouth and stomach aren't listening to the brain. I need to work on that.

I have been doing more of my hobbies which I am enjoying tremendously. I am scrapping, cooking, embroidering, crocheting and even starting to sew. It's lots of fun. I need to organize my self better and clean out closets and drawers to make space. I need to keep working on that.

So, looking ahead....I see walking....more and organizing my surroundings...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cool Quote

"Every action of our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity."

-Edwin Hubbel Chapin

WOW! huh?! Think about that one for a while!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Imagine....

You are fast asleep. You vaguely hear some noise in the background but manage to ignore it and continue sleeping for you don’t know how long because well, you’re sleeping. You hear these words in your head “Good morning. What time do you pick up 15?” It’s a dream right, you don’t have to answer maybe you make a noise that sounds like a response, you wouldn’t know because well, YOU’RE SLEEPING. There it is again, “Hey Sweets, What time do you pick up 15?” So you answer out loud in probably an Exorcist type voice 7:15. Then you hear more voices and start realizing that this is not a dream this is your life early in the morning. You hear the Exorcist voice interrupt the voice, “What?!” You realize that Exorcist voice may be you. You clear your throat and start to open your eyes as you come out of your sleep fog and think that voice must be my husband. You are still hearing it. It’s another question, it’s about dropping the car off when you pick up 15. “What?” -that sounded like you- What time am I getting up? You are asked, “What time do you normally get up?” 7, you answer. Now you know it’s your husband who is telling you, “OK, I will go pick up 15 and when I come back we’ll take the car when I take you to work.” You’re only response is “What time is it now?” 6:32. So, you lay there for a minute and try to think. It’s 6:32, I have to get up when? To go to what before I g….” You feel yourself drifting off into that fog again. Noise you need noise. Where’s the remote. Turn on the TV for stimulation. It’s on, good. Focus on the noise. What are they saying…knit, perl, bind off…it’s a knitting show... concentrate! OK, what time is it now, click info on the TV, it’s 6:44…you’ve got to get going because even though you are unclear as to the whats, wheres and whens, things need to get done. You’re up, dressed, ready to go and he’s not there. Fine, he’s picking up 15. So, have your breakfast. 15s practice is over at 7:30, you have plenty of time to eat. The second you sit to eat, they’re back. WOW, how’d they do that? 15s never done that early when you pick him up. Hubby takes off to the room, you are still having your breakfast, and you are watching one of your favorite channels in an attempt to smooth out your rocky start. Hubby appears and sits next to you while you break fast and announces he was having stomach issues. OK, shows over, breakfast is done, what’s left of your coffee is cold. You take it all to the kitchen and ask, “Are you ready to go?” As you both head out the door, you check “Are we taking the car?” YES, he snaps back. You take the car and go to work and start bickering in the car about the time, lack of communication, the coordinating of the morning and getting to work. He naturally doesn’t understand because according to him he figured it all out with you this morning. He doesn’t understand that you were frickin frackin sleeping! WTF! If you did it to him, it wouldn’t work because you have learned over the years to NOT speak to him in the morning otherwise you mess up his routine. He thought you were different from him that he could talk to you in the morning. Yes, I’m different you can talk to me but preferably when I am maybe AWAKE! You get to work at 8:50. You had committed to having some reports delivered via email to someone by 9am. They are going to be late. Life’s a bitch. This was my morning…and hubby’s…we didn’t start off on the right foot….he doesn’t understand…he gets to go home and pace his day how he wants, he’s got the day off. I have to deal with deadlines and work demands and a buttload of work. Gimme patience! My MIL tells me that she doesn’t take returns or exchanges since I lost the receipt for him!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coin toss

At game night the other night we were talking about odds and probability and other math stuff like that. I will be honest and tell you I don't remember how the conversation started but I know that we got into whether it was 50/50 chance of a coin toss being heads or tails. My stance was it's 50/50. Hubby and others took the position that it wasn't that it depended on the number of rotations, the number of times you toss it etc. Guess who was right? Before I tell you, sit down. I don't want you to fall over when you find out. All safe and secure now? Moi! I was right. HERE are the actual reasons why.

Any other mathematical problems you would like me to ponder and resolve (read: research online)? Just so ya know, hubby still doesn't believe me. I realize it's hard for him to imagine that I get something associated with numbers right. Go figure! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stayed in all weekend!

The weekend was spent mostly in the kitchen. I cooked a lot. I made brownies Friday night for game night. I made 2 meat pies using this pastry recipe. I made a strawberry pie again, from memory because I lost the recipe and it was too wet, tasty but wet. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. I've never had one but it intrigued me. I made this one. I made waffles for Sunday breakfast as per usual. Hmmm....when I write it out it doesn't sound like a lot. Basically, I made 4 pies, brownies and waffles. I guess it felt like a lot because the pies are like 2 parts each since I made the crust and the fillings.
I also watched a bunch of movies while I was cooking. I saw Searching for Bobby Fisher, which I had never seen and thoroughly enjoyed. I saw RV, which was really dumb but funny because I like Robin Williams. I saw Goodfellas - again- because we had recorded it for the boys since they had never seen it so, we say it because it was there. I saw Disturbia, which was good. I can't imagine seeing it in the theater, they would have thrown me out because of all my screaming. It wasn't gory but it was jump out at you scary.
All in all a good weekend even though the weather alternated between utterly too hot and torrential downpour.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cool Quote

I stumbled across this quote and it made me laugh out loud.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects. - Robert A. Heinlein, "Lazarus Long"

That's a lot to ask for from any human being Mr. Heinlein! Let's see I can: change a diaper -check, take orders-check, give orders (so I am told)-check, cooperate (IMHO)-check, pitch manure (I'm guessing here)-check and cook a tasty meal-check. 6 out of 21. I guess I'll be here for a while if I have to complete that list. LOL! :)

Today is my brother's birthday. He's 41! Let's see what he can do off the list. He can change a diaper, balance accounts (I think), take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, I dunno about the equations and problems, pitch manure (again I'm thinking most of can do that), and cook a tasty meal for sure. Let's see he got 8 out of 21. Pretty good bro! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish I was there or you were here!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The more things change, the more they stay the same

That saying occurred to me this morning as I was driving 15 to his Cross Country practice. Last night I had a wonderful time and well needed laughs coupled with the fun of meeting new friends. Just what I needed after this week.

Pheasantly Fascinating, Mrs. Phez, The Scribbler's Nook - who I insist I know from somewhere. He looks so familiar! I truly hope it comes to me!- , The Mind Wobbles and her hubby all got together at Chez Phez to play Cranium. It was tons of fun. As we were leaving TroyBoy said they had little kids that wake them up at 5am. Well, mine may not be as little as his anymore and you may think much has changed but lets see. I'm thinking Baby Phez probably woke them up a little after 5, my alarm rang at 5:20. Mrs. Phez and I both got up. She got the baby, changed his diaper and got a bottle. I woke up 15 and got dressed. She probably took the baby to their bed to feed him and trying to get him to doze off so they can squeeze in another 20/30 minutes of sleep. I drove to the park, parked the car. lowered the windows, reclined the seat and slept for an hour while 15 ran. It's now 7am. They've given up on sleeping in. Lil' Phez is probably up by now wanting breakfast, they start the day for real this time. I am sure coffee is in play. I sit up and watch them finish up their practice, stretch and at 7:30 we leave the park and go home. He showers and I start laundry and have my coffee.
So, 15 years have gone by and my grandfathers words when I told him I was pregnant ring true. "You will never sleep the same again."
I just met the Phez' and I don't know their morning routine. I am really winging it assuming they do close to what we did when the boys were that young. But as you can see we are all up because of the boys, taking care of the boys. The upside here Phez' is eventually you don't have to change their diaper. :)
Thanks Phez' for inviting us! It was lots of fun!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dots of the in-between stuff

In between work, hospital and regular home stuff I have managed to do some other things (not sure how) and here they are:

* Made a strawberry pie. It was low on strawberries because I didn't realize it called for so many and the kids have been picking at the pints in the fridge but it was still good, quite tasty. I want to make another one this weekend with the bajillion strawberries it calls for.

* I finished one book (The Geography of Bliss) and started another (The Last Lecture). Reviews will follow.

* I made a dress for my niece. She's 5. It's a sun dress. Don't think wow! now she can sew or anything. Frankly it was 2 seams. One up the side and the other the hem. BUT the hem came out real nice I doubled it over so there wouldn't be any fraying edge. It was good practice and helped me get familiar with my machine. I should take a picture and post it. Hmmm...maybe this weekend.

* I saw a few movies from NetFlix...Rent and La Vie En Rose. LOVED both of them. Hubby actually sat through both of them with me and didn't hate them. He didn't love them but he got through them. Yes, that was 2 movies in a row that were basically for me but remember it's June and June is mine.

* I have been delivering Orchids and Bromiliads that 15s Cross Country team is selling as a fundraiser. I thought it was clever. Would have been nice to do it before Mother's Day we could have sold a ton on Orchids then. As it is we've done very well. We are hoping that it will defray the costs of a trip they want to take this summer.

Can't think of anything else. I want to work on pictures this weekend. I want to put some on a CD for my brother and mail it along with the dress. If I do that, make the pie and get some rest in between GM's drama it will be a good weekend.

And in case you are interested, the sun is out and the headache is gone!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have the headache from hell. Yes, I am at work. Why, well because if I were to stay at home I'd feel guilty that I should be at the hospital and if I'm at work I can't be at the hospital so I'm at work. Back to the headache. It has been raining and yucky out for like 3 days. I have had the headache for like 3 days. It's because of the weather. I don't want to get technical on you (as if I could) but it has to do with atmospheric pressure and my head. Suffice it to say that other that drilling a hole right above my temples and over my eyes on my forehead and maybe on the top left of my head to relieve the pressure I will have no relief until this frickin' frackin' front passes. Naturally when I am in this state I should try to refrain from stressful situations, therefore I am at work and not at the hospital, guiltily ignoring the white elephant in the room and calling in to talk to docs and nurses and GM instead of dealing with them all in person.
But let me take a moment to rethink how I am (not) handling this....
I am grateful and blessed for:
*my GM who is reminding me loud and clear to appreciate life and that we are always in control of our life unless we give that control away
*my family who is being so patient with me, my GM and being helpful around the house
*my friends who are constantly fonts of prayer, love and support
*the rain that we so badly needed in this area
*my job that lets me forget about life stresses and yet gives me time to deal with them when needed
*for the strawberry pie I made last night because I couldn't sleep because of this horrid headache head hurts...gimme patience!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Defying the odds

Yesterday's post was cut short because I was urgently called back to the hospital for my grandmother. I had left her an hour earlier with the docs orders for meds and tests having been given and a wait and see how she reacts. I went home to shower, change have dinner, connect with my family and do something a little mindless and recharge myself after a few hours in the ER.

I was called because now she was refusing treatment and they didn't want to take responsibility if something should happen. The Doc told me she wouldn't make it through the night...(heart rate in the 160s and BP 68/40)...she was arguing and physically fighting off Drs and nurses most of the night refusing treatment saying she wanted and was ready to die. We all tried to talk her into treatment. Every logic was used. Every ruse was used. Doc still claimed that she was coherent enough to make her own decisions. Finally at 3am ... I tried a different route...
ME: "Why the heck did you come to the hospital? You should have just stayed home and not wasted the bed and everyone's time and died there!"
GM: "That's what you want -for me to die! Well, I'm not going to! Nurse give me everything immediately to prove to her that she can't make me die!" Success. It hurt but it worked.
This morning she is awaiting a room to be admitted basically because they don't understand how she came back and her vitals are now stable. It's been a long night....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nice day for me!

I had a lovely birthday weekend sharing it with the dads.

Friday, I watched Pride & Prejudice for the umpteenth time as the Oxygen channel was so kind to play it for me. It wasn't the Colin Firth as Darcy version but I still enjoyed it because I love P&P in any incarnation.

Saturday, my birthday! Yeah me! I ran a couple of quick errands and promptly came home to play with my sewing machine. I had ordered an outfit online and when I received the tunic length top it was apparently made for someone who is 7 feet tall because on me it could have been a dress. It went down to the top of my knees. So, why not just keep it as a dress? Well, frankly because I'm gave up my street-walker outfit days. The material is Acetate and Spandex. So, yes it stretches and would be a bit too form fitting for my rear for me to wear in public and not possibly be arrested. So, I was going to attempt to alter it. Sounds simple right? A hem. How hard can it be? Come on this is basic stuff. If I can't do a hem, I have no business owning a sewing machine. So, a little over an hour later, ta-da! The top is hemmed to a respectable tunic length for 5'4" me. I put it on. Aw, crap! The hem is like wavy. It's not that the seam isn't straight it's straight. It's just that since the material had stretch to it, I guess I was stretching it along as I was sewing and there's a wave thing going on. Oh, but look! It's wavy in the back too. Oh, it's like that all the way around. Cool. It looks like an effect. I finish getting dressed and walk out to model it for hubby.
Me: "How do you like it? It's the top I just hemmed. "
Hubby: Squinting to get a good look, "Not bad! That's pretty good! I like the design you gave it."
Me: "What design?"
Hubby: Squints some more and in a tone not as confident as before, "Well, the way it goes up and down kind of wavy. You did that on purpose, right?"
Me: "Not really. But it looks like it, so that's the story. I did it on purpose!"

And with that we were off to dinner at Carabas with my dad and his girlfriend (review later). After an early dinner back home to make the fixings for Father's Day breakfast. It was a lovely day...very crafting...what more could I want. Nothing.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


As I have mentioned before, I am not technically inclined. So, I laugh as I take stock in my techness.

I can write on 3 separate blogs, I am on MySpace, I am on Facebook and I am on Goodreads. I think that's a lot! Granted I never used the MySpace or the Facebook previously except to check up on my kids and their friends. Now I have started actually using Facebook. I'm learning...slowly.

Hmmm...I wonder can I link my blog(s) and Goodreads to the Facebook? I will have to play with that later.

Another thing I just learned how to do is how to transfer pictures from my computer to CDs. I made some for the dads for Father's Day. WooHoo!

I will take this moment to send a THANKS to The Mind Wobbles! She is the one who takes the time to deal with all of my tech-questions and has the patience to walk me through things like the little linky thing up there to her.
So, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks and I'm getting a little technical.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Musical cards

You know that commercial that is playing now for Hallmark Father's Day cards. You know the one with the musical card that plays Can't Touch That by MC Hammer and the kids give it to the dad and he sees himself in Hammer's video. My household loves that commercial. It makes us laugh. So last night 15 asked us what song we would want in our card. The first song that popped into my head was Celebrate by Kool and the Gang. Remember that one?! It took hubby a while but he thinks he'd want something by the Bee Gees and the Staying Alive album.

What song would you want in a card celebrating you?

Monday, June 09, 2008


It's June and in case you didn't know, it's mine. Yes. The month of June is mine. My birthday is smack dab in the middle and I claim more than that day, I take the month to celebrate my birthday. I live large that way. I spend the entire month saying I want stuff and if the family whines, I say but it's for my birthday. I win. :) I enjoy celebrating things. Anything. So, I stretch my birthday out. I realize I have to give some time to the dads fro Father's Day (heck sometimes my bday falls on Father's Day) and my brother's bday is in June too and I am sure there are other things that are not me-centric that happen in June. But that works for me because I like sharing. So it's still mine. June is mine and I will celebrate it as I want but I'll share too because I like sharing. Just don't ask me to do something I don't' want because I wont' because it's my birthday month and so there you aren't the boss of me and can't make me do it.
So far this June is going just fine!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kiss the ground

Saturday we went to hubby's aunt's house to see the MIL and give her the bday present we forgot to take to the Keys. 15 drove. He drove with all 4 of us in the car. for the first time. all 4 of us.

18 and I were sitting in the back. I try to just sit there and breath and tend to close my eyes. Hubby was instructing (read: quietly watching) shot gun. 18 says he doesn't want to do that again! He says now he understands how I was in the car with him. Mind you 15 is doing fine. But when you are in the car with a new driver you feel very out of control and you don't have the sense that they will stop when and how you want them too or that they know when and how to use the gas and brake pedal like you do. It can be very unnerving to say the least. When we got out of the car at aunt's house. 18 made a production of getting out of the car and throwing himself to the ground and kissing it. 15 just rolled his eyes and laughed saying "you're not home yet!". 18 got up put his arm around 15 and told him he did fine, he just doesn't want to test his heart that way again. They laughed there way into the house. It was nice to watch. Then 18 put his arm around me and said "I don't know how you did it for me and now you are doing it again. It must be hard." I told him it's the hardest thing you do as a parent; handing you kid the keys to the car and letting them go out into that crazy world. Yes, I am doing it again. What choice do we have? It must be done. Gimme patience.