Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Morning talk.

When I got to the kitchen Hubby was checking his watch and harrumphing. I asked -nicely- do I have time for breakfast or are you in a hurry? He said I had 3 minutes. Well, microing my egg only takes 60 seconds. So, I moved ahead. In that 60 seconds, I took out a slice of bread and buttered it and stuck a banana and my bottle of vitamins in my purse. At the ding I dumped the scramble into the slice of bread and folded it in half as I grabbed a paper towel to eat it in the car. I'm ready to go. While I was doing this he was sitting on the sofa watching morning news drinking his cafe con leche and 18 came out of his room and ransacked the clothes in the dryer asking me what I did with the stuff in his pockets. I didn't DO anything, I didn't do the laundry. So, what did dad do with it, he asks. So, I translate for dad. DAD! Did you do anything with the stuff in 18's pants pockets? What was in his pockets? Mind you 18 is standing less than 2 feet from me at the dryer and doesn't answer. I translate again: What was in your pockets. Money he answers. 15 is silently standing by the door just shaking his head waiting for 18 to go to school. Hubby is now standing lets say 6 feet away coffee in hand staring at me waiting for an answer. Money, I translate. Does he need some? You realize that they are closer to each other than to me now but he is still asking me. I keep playing the game. Do you need money? I dunno whatever as he slams the dryer door and proceeds to walk out of the house to the car. I don't think so, I tell hubby. Who then chases after 18 outside. I proceed to walk out and get in the truck eating my breakfast to go. Hubby comes over to my window and taps because apparently the handle won't work for him and he can't open the door. I roll (yes, roll) down the window. I need your keys, he tells me. I hand them to him. He walks over and locks the front door and comes back to the car.
As we drive to my office, Hubby keeps looking at his watch I'm going to be late because you were talking to 18 plus I forgot to take out dinner because you interrupted me. I almost choked on the last bite of my sandwich. Apparently, I interrupted his morning when I asked if he was in a hurry and then I decided to have a leisurely chat with 18 about money. Who knew!? My people don't do well in the morning with words...ya think?!

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Hilda said...


Mornings can be difficult around here as well. See, in the morning most of the time once I'm out of bed I'm pretty much awake.

Once awake I go over in my head whatever has to be done that day or planned that day - like dinner for example. So, once we're in the car I start talking about whatever it is to Hubby. Because we live together and have to talk about stuff like that.

The problem is Hubby is usually not ready to talk, or think, or be, you know, human. So he gets aggravated with me which in turn pisses me off because all things considered I'd rather be sleeping than putting up with his crabby crap.

Sometimes he'll enhance this delightful atmosphere by yelling at people in traffic who are in other cars and who can't hear him - what with the car windows being rolled up and all. You know who *can* hear him? Me.

Yeah - mornings are not our best event.