Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cooking for one

19 is leaving again in a week and a half and so I am once again cooking with only him in mind. All of his favorites have to make another appearance before he leaves so that he can have his fill. If the rest don't like it too bad, drive-thru, I am cooking for one- the one that's leaving.

To that end I will be making a flan tonight so that he can have a slice every day if he wants. I will also be making a strawberry cherry blueberry pie. Those are his desserts. I won't make cookies because those I can make when he leaves and ship to him so he has a taste of home. I already made him Picadillo again which we didn't have for dinner he had it for lunch for like 3 days. I will also make Lentils for him and I. Next week I will make Carne con Papa and Spaghetti with meat sauce and I think I need to make him Vaca Frita again. Then we will put him on a plane with a dozen pastelitos de carne for him and his roommate.

I need to ask him if there's anything else I missed. The kitchen is all about him for the next couple of weeks.

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Hilda said...

Hey! I want some strawberry blueberry cherry pie!