Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cheers and tears

Happy New Year! The party was a blast. We missed some friends who were out of town but a good time was had by all.

19 who was sick last year and missed out on the fun had a great time. Everyone thought he had been body snatched because he danced. And not just with his girlfriend. With his cousin, his aunt and his grandmother and to salsa music. He even sang along with the song shocking his grandmother. It was lots of fun. I again tried to get everyone to dance and was only partially successful this year. My nephew, age 6, was the life of the party. He danced with EVERYONE and anyone. He was adorable. At one point he was dancing with one of 19s friends girlfriend and I told him that she had a boy friend. He made a scary face, like he might be in trouble. The girl (and I) laughed and she told him that it was OK, he could dance with her and I wish you could have seen the smug look he gave me. It was priceless!

16 danced some too but spent most of the night hanging with his friends and helping with the managing of the music selections. A friend of his was the DJ.

After all the cheers the next day we slept and sat around recapping the party, we think there were 57 revelers this year. Some friends came over to watch Bowl games, eat leftovers and I made breakfast for dinner. They opted for Crepes with (leftover) strawberries and chocolate and bacon. Gratefully, Friday I had the day off and more dragging around the house was done as well as lots of laundry. Loads and loads were done so that 19 could take everything back clean. I also made for the first time Frijoles Colorados. They came out awesome! Saturday I packed for 19 and we went to friends' house for more football watching. It was 19s last night. A large group of kids met up where we were to go out on his last night and bid him farewell (as if they needed an excuse to go out).

I had been struggling with the thought of him leaving for days already and here it was. We were up at 5am to take him to the airport. He got home at 4:30, slept (I use the word loosely) in his clothes and when I woke him simply brushed his teeth and went back to sleep in the back seat of the car. At the airport all 3 of us were pretty quiet. As we waited in line to check his bags I was seeing armed forces personnel around us with their families. My heart swelled for them. I wanted to say something. But what do I say. Thanks.? Good luck.? Every time I thought about it I couldn't open my mouth to form the words because I was so emotional already I know I would have broken down right then and there. None of us wanted this parting. As we gave our last hugs all of us got teary eyed and swallowed hard to hold back the tears. We stayed until he passed through the security check just cuz. And slowly walked away once he was out of sight, now the tears could flow freely. We weren't the only ones crying. Tears were everywhere.

And now he's there. I'm here. He called when he landed to let us know that those people up there don't know what the hell the sun looks like. All he kept hearing was that it was a great day the sun was out. When he walked outside it was cold and grey. We laughed as I reminded him that he can't compare it to The Sunshine State. To make the best of it. Different isn't bad, it's just different.

I have already looked at airfare for him to return on Spring Break and plan on booking it soon. Please gimme patience.

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Hilda said...

I missed you all so much on New Year's Eve! I'm glad everyone had a good time.

I can imagine 19's leaving was tough...we'll all miss him, but he'll be back again soon.