Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1 Week

I just realized that 19 is coming home for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know I blogged about that yesterday and heck I bought the ticket over the weekend but it didn't really hit me that its next week. Exactly one week from today. Do you understand what that means? That means I need to get all my crafting crap out of his room! OMG! I have so many projects going right now. How am I supposed to finish them in a week?!
It's wonderful that he's coming home but I wonder if he'd mind sleeping on the sofa since I am using his bed as a cutting table or living out of his suitcase for a month because I am using the empty drawers to store the assorted projects in their various stages or for that matter leaving the suitcase that he will live out of in the office because the ironing board is set up in his room and there's not much floor space and there's no desk space because the sewing machine is set up there.
OMG! I need to get myself organized and outta there! Gimme patience and speed ;)

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