Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Counting down

So, are you ready for the big countdown? The only thing left to do at my house is clean the floors again.

Everything looks so presentable I almost don't wnat anyone to come over and mess it up but then what would the point be of getting everything all tidied up.

Last night I even gave my self a mini mani and pedi. I say mini because it was done by moi and well I'm not a pro but mom would be proud that at least I made an effort.

We aren't expecting too big a crowd tomorrow only about 40 people total we have had much more. I hope the weather holds up. Cool but not cold would be nice. Dry not wet would be fabulous.

I still haven't figured out my theme for the new year. I kinda wanted to toast to it at midnight. I was thinking a toast 'to action' since I want a verb but haven't picked one but there I go again with a noun so I don't think so maybe 'to verb' just to cover all my bases but that sounds silly. Well, I still have some time to figure it out but I really just want it to come to me, to just feel right. Hmmm maybe maybe a toast 'to act' that has potential. I've got to noodle it a bit more.

We brought home the case of champagne yesterday. Yes, I can say Champagne NOT sparkling wine because it is French from the champagne region. It's my splurge.

Well, here's hoping its a healthy happy one.

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