Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What do you do when you are stressed? I do all sorts of things.

First and foremost, I eat. I am very good at that. This week I have gone through an entire bag of Jolly Ranchers hard candies. I even ate the grape ones and I don't like the grape ones.
I'm not talking the little rolls you impulse buy at the grocery checkout. I'm talking the big momma bag they sell in the candy aisle.

I also make lists. I make lists of things to do, things to get, things I want to read whatever, lists.
Another stress buster for me is cleaning, I shouldn't call it cleaning, it more like spring cleaning -even if it's not spring. You know, empty something out, go through the stuff, give stuff away, throw stuff out and organize back to where it was.

And then last but not least I start a new project. Well, I have done all those things the past 2 weeks. I have been bogged down with all of the above. My project du jour is organizing 7 years worth of photos and storing all of the assorted school and sports photos I have purchased over the past 12 (OMG-12!) years of my children.

My entire dinning room (chosen because of the ample surfaces available to cover) has been taken over by stacks of pictures. Loose pictures, envelopes of pictures and boxes of pictures. The sorting began. First just divvying them up by year and then getting the year in order. Then buying photo albums to start storing them. And that led me to my other new project; scrapbooking. Note: If you are easily addicted to things, do not start or even think about scrapbooking.

You will hear so much more about scrapbooking, I may have to consider changing the name of my blog to Gimme Scrap! LOL!

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