Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What day is today?

Houston, we have a problem. I thought today was Thursday and well, it's not.

Last night as we were getting for bed and my mind was running through the next days events I told hubby to remember that he was on his own tomorrow with the boys for dinner, I have Game Night! He sleepily (he had just laid down and was half asleep but that's a whole other blog!) replied 'I thought that was on Thursday'. Yeah. Well, tomorrow's only Wednesday. Dang!

And I woke up this morning thinking (ergo problem: thinking before caffeine intake) again it was Thursday! Dang! Do you think I am looking forward to Game Night?

Now, some of you may be asking what is Game night and how old am I. Well, I'm 42 and yes, I play games; board games, card games with my girlfriends. We get together every so often and play for a few hours, eat and drink and hang out together. It's fabulous. Invariably we laugh! Extremely therapeutic! If you don't do it, you should. Start a game night. Have some fun! I think tonight, I mean tomorrow we are playing charades. It should be a hoot and a half!

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