Monday, October 30, 2006


Tis the season for me to get nostalgic. There will be more of that in the coming months, so bear with me.

Pumpkin carving was a big part of Halloween for me in Virginia. I used to carve them here for the kids when they were little but it is so hot the pumpkins rot! You have to buy plastic ones here. UGH! When I was growing up we used to carve a bunch and have them all over the yard, in the windows with candles in them for the whole month of October and into November. It was great! Here I would carve them and have to keep them in the fridge so they wouldn't rot and take them out a night for a little while or carve them on the 30th so that it would still be recognizable on the 31st. I don't even decorate my house anymore. I used to but we don't stay home for Halloween so, what's the point?

I still have a nice time because I spend it at a friends house and we have a good time with all the kids and walk around her neighborhood and see all the decorations and other kids dressed up. Sharing time with good friends is always good. Happy Haunting :0

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Hilda said...

Well I never carved a pumpkin in my life - the whole seems kinda yucky frankly.

Yes, there is a different vibe to Halloween in Miami. I remember trick-or-treating in my store-bought boxed costume (Mami was about as crafty as I am, which is not at all) wearing those god-awful plastic masks and sweating my face off!

But we had a good time anyway and would come back with multiple bags of candy - our moms would always carry plastic bags with them so we coulod dump out the candy from our *fancy* trick-or-treat bags.

Mmmmmm...I'm thinking about those Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies - remember them?