Monday, April 09, 2007


This is the first Easter in forever that we didn't go to mass. We haven't been going lately and we thought it would be hypocritical to show up on Easter not having gone in so long plus Easter is a terrible day to go to mass because all those people who never go decide to go on that day and Palm Sunday and Christmas. So, we slept in.

Easter was different this year. I didn't dye eggs with any kids, I didn't make baskets, I didn't bake, I didn't cook, I didn't put together little gifts for the nephews and cousins but just wrapped in cellophane no baskets this year. I didn't stuff plastic Easter eggs with candy, or hide them. 14 did help hide them and kept walking around the yard yelling "I see some eggs over here!" and all the kids would come charging over.

I just showed up with my family and a dozen bagels, cream cheese, champagne (for mimosas) and supplies for a chocolate fountain - all store bought. That's what I was asked to bring and I followed instructions. :) Odd for me :)

We spent it with my husband's extended family. It was at his aunt's house. There was quite a turn out. Let's see at least 35 people ranging in age from 3-83. My boys are too big for Easter, I miss that. I like doing the crafts and activities for each holiday but I guess that's over now. I'll have to recruit others. One young cousin who's 9, commented that she's never dyed real eggs. Her mom has never done that and doesn't know how (yes, she could read the directions but whatever!) So, we have a date for next Easter to dye real eggs. I hope she still wants to next year, that will be nice.

Lately, I'm thinking that the holidays are for the young who enjoy them and the old to remember when they were young and I'm in this in between stage. It's like another version of adolescence. I guess this is mid-life. WOW, that sounds terrible.

It was nice seeing everyone, it had been a while.

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