Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Me, Myself and I

We had the house to ourselves on Saturday morning. Technically I was stranded at home with no car. 17 had practice and hubby and 14 went to the Hurricane Spring game.

So, I set the TV to watch some old movies, I don't know if it was TNT or TBS or AMC but someone was running a Shirley Temple marathon. Fine, non-thinking movies. I would have preferred Doris Day because at least I chuckle once in a while but fine.

Then I set to baking and cooking. I made a Red Velvet Cake. I hadn't had that since I was a kid and a few weeks (read months) ago there was an article in the paper. Apparently it's back in fashion and they had a recipe for the one from the Waldorf Astoria. My co-worker who showed me the article instantly gave it to me when I said WOW, I'd love to make that. So, I finally did. It came out really good! It's a two layer cake, with a hint of chocolate, red (duh) with an AMAZING frosting made of cream cheese, marscapone cheese, whipping cream and confectioner's sugar - DELISH! Of course, I brought about a quarter of the cake to the office and everyone noshed on it all day.

I also made mini-loaves of banana bread because I had lots of overripe bananas. For this I also tried a new recipe that calls to make a banana cream prior to adding the dry ingredients. That came out very nice too.

I also made one heck of a marinade for a roast for dinner. I probably won't ever be able to duplicate it because it was just a mix of things that struck my fancy when I searched the cupboard and fridge. But the roast was a hit with the family. It was fall apart with a fork soft and had soooo much flavor. I did all of that with Shirley tapping in the background. Lovely!

By the time the boys came home I was taking out the banana bread and the cake was cooling waiting to be frosted. They changed the channel to watch the Masters Tournament, started bringing out piles of laundry that they needed for that night and the next day, the phones (their cell phones) started ringing with their friends making plans, requests for gas money etc. Oh, well it was a relaxing morning.

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