Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NCAA Tournament

Well, it's over and I've got KP duty.

Hubby and I had a bet on whoever did better had to do the dishes for a week. That would be me. See usually, I cook and he cleans it up. The boys were joking at dinner that this would be the last homemade meal for a week because now that I had to clean up after myself we'd have drive-thru for a week. HAHAHA They are such smarty pants! I wouldn't do that! Honest!

I think I did pretty well, considering I had 3 out of the four teams in the final four. I had Georgetown winning it all and alas they didn't make it past the final four. Oh, well! It was fun doing the brackets with them. Maybe I'll do again next year.

But for now, I will be stopping at the grocery store on the way home to buy some paper plates and plastic cups! LOL!


Dixie said...

Be proud! Three out of four is very good!

Hilda said...

Hey! At least your pick to win it all didn't get eliminated *in the first round*!