Monday, September 08, 2008

'Tis the season...

I am still sick. Yesterday I actually felt better and did a few things around the house and later that evening I felt like I had run a marathon and was beaten with a bat along the way!
This morning it was SO hard to get up.
In case you are one of those who has no idea what sport season is in. It's football. It started this past Thursday. 16 & hubby have watched +6 football games since Thursday. They saw the Thursday night game, I organized my sewing things in 18s room. On Friday they went to the local high school game, I stayed home cleaned out my email all cuddled up in bed watching reruns. On Saturday, they watched a college football game in the afternoon, I saw pieces of it as I was in the kitchen making myself chicken soup. That evening we went to a friends house to watch the Miami Hurricane game, I sat in the kitchen with some of the other moms, chatting and drinking my soup. On Sunday, I would say they watched 2 more games but in reality it was pieces of all the games since we have the NFL Ticket and they get them all. Every time I went by there was a different game on. I did 4 scrapbook pages, fixed my lunch for today and laid in bed watching old movies and snoozing.
Last Wed. 16 moves a sign that I have in the kitchen and hung it on the front door like a wreath. It says. "We interrupt this family for football season."
18 did send some text messages asking what time certain games were on over the weekend and
and to say that he missed HD.
I don't fight it anymore....I tried to once....I just use that time to do my things uninterrupted and they all lived happily ever after....
Tonight the Packers (16s FAV team) and playing the Vikings (hubby's FAV team). I have sought and been granted asylum and refuge at a friend's house because I fear the competition and therefore their noise level may be too much for me in my frail condition.

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