Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Saturday!

16 had a track meet Saturday 2 hours away. So, we got up too early and headed out while it was still dark and I should have been sleeping. The things we do for our kids. We get there and traipse across mushy trails and muddy tracks to where are team is set up. Oh, the joy. I haven't had coffee yet and need to find the bathroom. After emptying and refilling we browse the vendors and see that there's a huge sale on running shoes with cleats and offer to buy 16 a pair. He jumps at the chance and decides to wear them for the race right then and there despite the parental advice of not breaking in new shoes for a race but what do we know; we're his old out of touch parents.
2 hours later its finally his race time. They are all lined up. We are all lined up to cheer them on. There's the gun! We yell and cheer. Our entire JV makes it across the bridge in the first half of the bunch. Great. We jog thru this lovely mush covered with grass that has been trampled on by hundreds of runners to get to the next corner we can see them closely. I jockey for the perfect spot to take my picture of him coming over a hill. I wait. Here come out leaders. We cheer. I see in the distance our coach standing at another corner cheering and coaching with a shoe in his hand. Honey, didn't we just buy 16 a white pair of shoes? Yes, why. Look at coach. He's got a white shoe in his hand. I bet its 16s. How can it be? Why would he not have a shoe? That's impossible. Here come some more kids I think 16 should be coming soon. I turn on the camera and get set. There he is. Look! He's only got one shoe on! I started laughing so hard amidst others yelling Hey, you lost your shoe that I hope you got the picture because I didn't. I couldn't cheer or yell out his name all I could do was laugh. As he passes me, I jolt out of my hysteria and jog over to the next spot to cheer him on. I compose myself enough to yell and cheer as he passes. I hear my name being called. I turn. It's coach he tosses the shoe over to me. I don't' have the energy to get to the finish line. Hubby went with the camera and I headed to the tent to wait for everyone to come in. They get to the tent and 16 has a grin from ear to ear. He PRd (read: set a Personal Record) with only one shoe. Apparently someone bumped into him and stepped on the back of his shoe pulling it off the back and he ran for a while with it like a slipper until he saw some school parents and then he kicked it off towards them and yelled at them to pick it up and just kept going because he'd already passed the mile marker and knew he was doing well. He didn't want to stop. The teasing, the jokes abounded and we threatened to have him run next week with no shoes at all. He ate up all the attention and was very pleased with himself. It was all too too funny.

After the meet we race back home to try and catch the end of 18s football game which we can see online through the schools website. We spot 18 on the sideline and then I think I see him get in the game. The bickering begins among the 3 of us. I insist he went in for the kickoff after a score. Later we see him go in for the punt block team. Now, they begin to think maybe he did play earlier. Hmmm. He calls us after the game and he DID get in because someone else got hurt earlier in the game. The team lost in the final seconds but he played. YEAH!

Since I've hardly done anything at all yet, I head over to GMs ALF where I have a notary coming to see if we get GM to sign a POA. She has said she would in the past but when push came to shove, she never did. I told her that I was going to stop fighting with her and everyone else. If she doesn't want to sign it then, fine. She can find someone else to try to take care of her and her things. We have a pleasant visit and the notary shows up. He explains the POA. She starts balking. Now, she is going to take EVERYthing. (note: there' s nothing to take, she makes enough to pay for the ALF). She's going to send me to the loony bin because she thinks I'm crazy. All of this at the top of her lungs as if we were torturing her. I calmly get up. Give her a kiss and say don't worry about it but don't call me when you go back to the hospital because I am no longer fighting with drs. and nurses and hospital admin to manage your care. I give her a second kiss and walk out. I go find the owner of the ALF to say my good-byes and head for the door. They call me back as I am getting in the car (she can see me thru her window) and tell me she's signing it. I go back in. I'm crying. The notary is explaining to her how and why this will make things easier. I stay at the door. Once she signs it, I go in and thank her and give her a big hug and a kiss. She tells me she doesn't understand why I got so upset and left, I'm so serious, no one can joke with me anymore. I don't comment. I walk the notary out and stay a few more minutes visiting nicely.
I let the ALF tempted to buy a lotto ticket but I didn't want to push my luck. I thought that would be greedy so many good things had already happened that day.
That was my Saturday. How was yours?

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