Sunday, November 09, 2008


I didn't even make it though week one. What a loser! Oh, well, that's life.

Remember that terrible day last Thursday? There were two good things that come of it. We got the call that our car was ready and I was invited to a game night at a friends house for Friday. Which the way way my week had been going, was desperately needed.

So, Friday saved the week. The work day was super swamped but we picked up the car and it looks like nothing happened. It came out great. And after going to see my grandmother who is doing well this week I went to game night.

A few of us played charades while we waited for the pizza. I say a few because although everyone was sitting there only 3 of us were acting out things and guessing. No one else wanted to act - such party poopers. After dinner, we played Cranium. That game is always worth a few good laughs and laughing makes the bad stuff melt away even if its only for a little while.
So, Friday ended nice or started the weekend nice, whichever way you want to view it.

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