Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote and be nice!

I voted this morning before work. OMG were people rude!
They had us standing outside in 3 lines, divided alphabetically to match the register lists inside. Well, the A-G line was moving the slowest and those people got VERY aggressive with the poll workers at why they were taking people from the other 2 lines and not theirs. One woman was yelling and screaming at how unfair it was, they were there when it was dark, it wasn't fair and others were going in first, it wasn't fair, yadda yadda...it wasn't fair. When we got inside, she saw that my line the P-Z had only two people in it where hers had like 20. So, she said to her partner, that now she understood that since the other line was empty, they shouldn't have people waiting outside for no reason. So, I turned around after signing the register and asked, So are you going to apologize to the worker you verbally abused outside. Her eyes opened wide as I continued, It would be the fair thing to do. I completed my ballot in the line for the booths. Since I didn't need to go to a booth I went directly to the scanner. She was behind someone at the next scanner. I waited for her at the door and just watched her. I didn't say anything. I just stood there with my arms crossed watching her. I think I intimidated her in to apologizing. The man accepted it graciously.

I truly pray that this is all over tonight and that there are no glitches. I don't think I can handle stretching this out any longer. Please gimme patience!

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