Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I don't want to say we because really all I did was vote and send him 20 bucks.
I still can't believe it. It's exciting. I'm excited. I honestly didn't believe the polls. Ask anyone who knows me. I kept saying this country won't elect a black man. I just don't see it. BoyOBoy, am I glad I was wrong. Wow! He did it.

Now he's got to get it done and he's being handed this country in the worst state its been in forever. Of course, I am also one of those who believes that no matter who was elected president, the economy hasn't hit bottom yet. That scares me because I am afraid that it will be blamed on him.

Only time will tell but I am excited. I am also very glad that it ended last night and there were no major glitches to drag it out. WOW. He did it!

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