Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Sunday dinner

This time I made the time honored Sunday Chicken so that the world would continue on its customary rotation. Still things happen proving that its not because I didn't make the aforementioned chicken. Still, I am told that it would have been much worse had I not made the chicken. Whatever!

We had a lovely Saturday morning attending my nephew's 1st Communion. It was a very nice ceremony. I got a great picture of him and his cash gifts that's hysterical!

After that we hurried home to change and head back out to a track meet that was interrupted 4 times by rain. At one point hubby and I ran to the truck and sat there for over half an hour waiting for it to stop. the fifth downpour made them call it off. So, all that running around and getting wet and waiting for nothing. Oh, well.

Sunday I got to sleep in (10 o'clock!). I started laundry and at one point noticed 19s light was on. I opened his door to get dirty clothes and noticed he wasn't in bed. HUH? How did he leave and I didn't see him? I see his comforter on the floor and start walking over to pick it up and put it on the bed then I realize he's under it! on the floor! Why is he sleeping on the floor when he has the newest and bestest mattress in the house? Befuddled I turn off the light and close the door. 16 sees me and wants to be sure that he didn't wake him. He was trying to be quiet. I tell him he's sleeping on the floor. Huh? Why? I don't know. Look. I open the door and turn on the light. He see him. We retreat and he asks me why is he on the floor? I don't know.
The morning continues with breakfast, laundry, menu planning, grocery lists, online banking, a call to my brother and 16 returns from mass announcing he's going to the beach. Wait, I have been waiting for the car to run my errands. Are you taking the car? Well, if not you have to drop me off at a friends house right now they are waiting for me. I grab my things and we get in the car. We soon discover that I left my wallet at home and only have 2 loose dollars to give him to go to the beach. He goes anyway, hoping to borrow what he needs from others. So, I have to return home to get my wallet and go visit GM. As I am ready to head back home, 19 calls on hubby's phone because he can't find his phone and can't log in to his laptop. We have no land line in the house so he's basically cut off from civilization because he won't use the desktop because he says its too slow. He was actually knocking on a neighbors door to ask to use their phone when hubby pulled up and saved the day.
We go to his girlfriends workplace to borrow her phone because gratefully she has the phone # of where we think the phone is. Bingo! It's there, thank God for small favors. He goes to pick it up while I continue on the house chores but not before he enlightened me to the fact that he slept on the floor because it was hot and the floor is cooler than the bed. Go figure! We still can't get the laptop to work and so I enlist friends who are more computer savvy than I and hopefully today we get it fixed. I also had a new keyboard ordered for it because he's missing the i key and it a very common letter in the English language, in case you didn't know. It's even used 3 times in his password which was a pain in the butt without the key.
I had made another flan to see if I could get it right before he left and we tried it after dinner. I nailed it. Delish! We also had tres leches which friends brought over and 19 loves. So, I made the Sunday dinner, enough to include girlfriend who didn't join us for dinner only dessert which gave me leftovers for lunch today. And 16 didn't grace us with his presence for dinner as he had dinner with his beach friends.
We hung out after dinner catching up on 19s friends from grade school to find out that many of them aren't doing so well in college, some are drunk most of the time, some he says are doing drugs and one of them is pregnant. It was a bit of a rude awakening. We even dug out a yearbook to make sure we knew who we were talking about and 16 found a picture where 19 looked like the actor from the slumdog movie which he afterwards went to see with his girlfriend.
That was I am told a good Sunday that would have been much more gone awry had I not made the Sunday chicken. Gimme patience.

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