Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sad but romantic

Some friends of a friend. Really, I don't know these people, passed away over the weekend. A husband and wife. The husband who was 91 was the caretaker of his wife, 83 who was sickly. He was in perfect health. He passed away last week. He just up and had a heart attack and passed away. Their 12 children live all over the US and were all coming to Miami for their father's services on Sunday and then to decide how to take care of mom. Well, Sunday morning their mom died. She didn't even make it to the services. How sad is that? Her kids are consoled with the idea that he took her with him, that she had only been holding on for him, that once she realized he was gone, she gave up. They say she kept mumbling 'what's the point, why' for the last 2 days. It's as if she died of a broken heart. She couldn't bear living without him. I thought that kind of love was only in the movies but maybe that's just art imitating life.
I have been thinking about this story for a couple of days now, since my friend told me the story. It's really touched me. It's like haunting me. I don't think I wonder if many people have that kind of love. Maybe I'm just being sappy and romantic. Is it weird to romanticize their deaths that way? I'm not sure that I have that kind of love. It's just had me thinking a lot, so I needed to write it out. I think its comforting to think they are together for eternity.

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Hilda said...

Yes - I think that kind of love exists. Instances of it may be few and far between, but it's out there.

Great story!