Monday, December 11, 2006

It looks like Christmas

The decorations are set and the boxes have been put away. Well, at least you can't see them. People can actually come into my house, not have to walk over and around boxes and find clutter free spots to sit and enjoy the Christmas decorations. YEA! for me!

I know that all you enquiring minds were waiting to hear what got done and what didn't by way of decorating this weekend. Well, I came home Friday to see hubby hanging icicle lights outside. I was happily impressed. I walked into the house to find even MORE of a mess o' boxes etc since he brought everythng down from the attic. We diligintly worked ALL day Saturday (read: he worked on the back yard and I decorated). My in-laws dropped by during this chaos and MIL helped me set up the village. This is the first year it is set up all together in one place and actually looks like a quasi-village, I mean we have a brewery next to the orphange but whatever. I also baked more cookies on Saturday while I decorated. The traditional sugar cookies that 14 loves. I did go out shopping on Sunday so I left hubby to put away the last remants of the boxes and to my delight - he did! (read: he put them in another room, until he feels like putting them back in the attic and I am picking my battles). My house looks ready for Christmas! ok, the common rooms do, you can't go into the rest of the house but I'm good with that.

Yes, you read correctly, I went shopping. I know - I'm done. I really am. I went with a girlfriend of mine becasue she needed to pick up a couple of things and well, ok so I ended up buying something at almost every store we went to. But I was done. Well, now some people are getting more because I just love giving gifts. I even bought my GM, who is currently not speaking to me, a blouse and a box of chocolate covered cherries - she loves those cheap liquer filled things- I think they are just plain awful. I bought the boys a couple of stocking stuffers (I know, I didn't need them but...), I got an ornament hanger for a special ornament that has a picture on it of me and all my girlfriends. It is now hanging in my china cabinet. I also bought this pickle ornament because I saw it and had to have it, some little boxes I needed to finish wrapping, and rib bones for our dog (he has a stocking too). I think that's all I bought. Anyway, we went to 11 stores. WAY more than I would ever do but we were together and on a mission to finish her shopping. We even went to a local discount store that I NEVER go to because it's always a mess and when we got there it was being liquidated. It was scary! Shelves empty, stuff on the floor, everything all awry! we walked around but neither of us actually bought anything we were both a bit overwhelmed at the disarray. It looked a bit post-apocalyptic; more than I could handle. We laughed and had a good time even though we were both exhausted afterwards. It was a good day.

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