Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend recap

I was going to recap the weekend but I can't remember what I did on Friday, I'm sure it was fabulous! Saturday, I ran errands, boring stuff: bank, post office, $ store etc. Fixed a nice breakfast for everyone, French toast, eggs & hash browns, cafe con leche and cuban bread. Started house chores when guess who called! GM. She wanted her TV. Told her I would take it over in a while as I was going out with the boys. Problem: She doesn't want to see the kids, just wants her TV. FINE! I stuck it in the car and took it over. We argued for a bit about a lot of things and I left. The house is actually very nice, she's in a private room, so hopefully it will work out for a while. The woman told me she was still fighting with them about taking her meds.
14 went to school to be a tour guide for their Open House. He's gotten so involved in high school stuff. It maked me happy that he likes it. 17 had leg cramps because he's working out too much with the track team now since football is over, so he went to see the trainer for treatment and brought 14 home afterwards. Yeah! a perk to his driving! (insert sing songy voice) I didn't have to go back out to pick him up! (stop sing songy voice)Hubby was making trips to the dumpster, he's making the back yard look nice (YEAH!) because we are hosting a New Year's Eve Party. Yes, he has to start this early because the yard looks like a dump. I made Crema de Vie and Oatmeal Cranberry cookies. The boys got ready for their dance and I made them stand still together for a picture all dressed up. They clean up good if I do say so myself. It's nice seeing them all dressed up. We took 14 to his date's house (very good friends of ours) and got off to see the gilrs dressed up and see all the picture taking, they grow up so fast! 17 was supposed to take our camera to take pictures of his group, he actually volunteered to do this and then forgot the camera! He picked up his date, they went to her best friend's house where a bigger group met and they went in a limo! So, no driving worries there! 17's date didn't have a curfew! Can you believe that?! Anyway, after the dance the limo took them back, they all got their cars and went to another friends house for the after-party. This is at 1:00am. He starts texting me at 2am that they will be leaving soon. Long story short- date's best friend's mom stuck in traffic behind a big accident (great!), her date had left and they didn't want to leave her there alone. That's HIS story. He finally gets home @3:20am! He came to the room, gave me a kiss, said thanks mom for letting me stay. I guess I was a winner that night and not the shrew he normally thinks I am (yeah, for me and our relationship). 14 had a good time too even though he didn't dance because his date didn't want to, they still had fun. Sunday is football day at my house. I baked cookies and rice krispy treats, and made crema de vie, and did the Christmas cards and took out all the Christmas decorations. We're decorating the tree Monday night and hopefully the house will be all done by Tuesday.
oh yeah, I forgot! 17's date went to the store with him to pick out his tie for the dance! What a hoot! I didn't do that until we were married! I guess they are starting earlier and earlier these days.

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