Friday, December 01, 2006

We Did It!

I feel like Henry Higgins after the ball when Liza passes without being unmasked as a street vendor! We did it! We did it! I said that I could do and indeed I did!

SO, what do we do for an encore? Well! You will just have to keep checking back to see now, won't you.

Other goings ons:

* Both of my boys are going to the Christmas formal dance of the local Catholic high school. The girls have to invite and boy and they get all dressed up. The girls well, you all know all the stuff they have to do, the hair, the nails, the make-up, the dress, the shoes etc! My boys well, we lowered the hems of pants, bought new shirts and one bought a new tie! Woo Hoo! So, many preparations, so much excitement. I'm trying to contain myself. But then two days ago Son2 (who's a freshman) said he needed to get a haircut before the formal because he had to "look good" and "can't go with this mop on his head". His words, no lie. Fine, you may have girls who always want to look pretty but I have boys who don't give a hoot how they look most of the time so, this is a big deal. I told hubby he has to take him today for a trim, not too short so he doesn't have the 'just got a haircut' look.

* Son1, who is now driving, is having curfew issues. The formal ends at 12:30, he's normally home by 1am. I understand that would mean no after party or no go eat someplace afterwards. I'm not a shrew, I know I have to give him some slack but how much. So, I told him to ask what time the girl's curfew is. I'm thinking 1/2 hour after that to give him time to get home would be reasonable. Hubby's not sure I should have left it up to him. Says he's going to make up a time but Son1 hasn't lied to us yet -at least we've never caught him- so, shouldn't I trust him? I'll see what we do tonight when we hash it all out.

* Grandmother (GM) update, just cuz I need to get it out. She moved and I don't know where to. now the details. For about 2 weeks she was refusing to take her meds. The manager in charge of her ALF told her that if she didn't take her meds she would have to leave in the hopes of scaring her into taking them. But alas, MY GM simply told her the next day that she had a place to go, she was going to live with a friend. So, this woman packs up my GM and takes her to this friends' house and when they arrive, lo and behold the friend knew nothing about it. She allowed her to spend 1 night there but she couldn't live there because there is no one to care for her. The next day the manager picks her up and is told that she made arrangements to live with her BIL (you would think she had learned by now) but upon arrival again BIL knew nothing about it. She was again allowed to stay one night. Since my GM had told her that she was NOT going back to her place the manager made some calls and found another ALF for her and took her there on day 3. Meanwhile, back at the ranch I have been calling daily to talk to her and have been told that she's out or unavailable NOT that she's not there! Finally yesterday I was told she had moved, I spoke to the manager and she swore to my GM that she wouldn't tell me where because she doesn't want me to run her life, "she is capable of taking care of herself". So, I begged for the # and when I called my GM told me she was perfect and didn't want me to meddle and hung up. I did a reverse look up with the phone # and actually have the address but I'm not sure whether I should drop by or not or if I should just talk to the owner and keep tabs on her.
*Naturally, I woke up this morning with my face all blotchy, swollen and itchy - I think it's stress. Great.
* On a lighter note, we will be tree decorating this weekend. I love that and will tell you all about that later. :)


Hilda said...


I don't even know what to say.

Dixie said...

Me either except to say that teens seem to be easier than grandmothers.

sari said...

I'm sorry. This sounds so tough.

Marcia said...

Cris, in the words of my lama, "could be good, could be bad!". My stepmonster stopped talking my calls and has dissappeared from the face of the earth since June. No clue what I did to "upset" her. Maybe she's at the ALF with you GM. Didn't even call her "grandon" on his birthday. Oh well... you can pick your friends but not your family. I'm jealous that you have a son that actually wants a haircut. Mine looks like he got out of bed, all day long. His hair is quite scary. Hey, what did you do?????? I'm going to the Ethiopian restaurant tomorrow. Can't wait.