Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My ornaments

Have I mentioned that I love decorating my Christmas tree and I mean LOVE it. I love my collection of ornaments. I have ornaments from every place we've been on vacation. Some places didn't have an ornament so I bought a key chain that is hangable like an ornament. I have ornaments from my childhood. I have ornaments made by my kids through the years at school. Plus, I have ornaments that represent happenings/stuff in my kid's lives.
Every year since the Baby's First Christmas ornament, I have bought each child an ornament that means something to them. For example: when 17 was little he liked Winnie the Pooh, I have Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and the Kangaroo (I forgot his name), the boys liked the Power Rangers, I have one for each of them, Superheroes, sports teams, Santa fishing to commemorate a first fishing trip, Santa snowboarding, a cell phone ornament because he finally got one etc. It's a lot of fun to pull them out each year. On the boxes I have the year and a short dedication as to why they got the ornament. Tigger juggling soccer balls...For playing and loving soccer for three years. You get the idea. Eventually, I will loose many of these ornaments because as each son makes his own home they will be passed on to them and their trees will be full of memories. I know they look forward to opening the ornaments every year and seeing what new ones they get on Christmas day. They even remind me of events that have happened to see if I can find ornaments to represent. It's fun looking back at the memories year after year.
What started as one ornament a year of course, has mushroomed. This year they are each getting 5 because well, I couldn't decide. I give one to me and hubby too. Afterall we can't be left with a bare tree when the boys are grown and gone.


Hilda said...

I love your tradition and have started it with my nieces. Every year I get each of them an ornament symbolic of something in their lives that year and I personalize them with name and year.

This year Niece1 is 6 years old and performed in her first dance recital which included ballet - so her ornament is a pair of ballet slippers. Niece2 is 4 years old and into princesses, so her ornament is a princess crown. Brand new Niece3 turns 1 on 12/21, so she's getting a pink and white candy cane ornament.

I also buy an ornament from wherever we travel and friends often bring them back to us as souvenirs, so I always have new ornaments to display.

sari said...

Here the boys get 1 new ornament each year because when they grow up I want them to be able to have their own for their families.

This year, we all got a new ornament. Mine is a little owl, it looks like it's wood but it's not, it's so cute!

Hubby got a cool acorn, it's made out of wood and is light and really neat.

Eight got a paper mache T-Rex.

Four got a glass rubber duckie wearing a red Santa hat.