Thursday, December 07, 2006


I started my Christmas stuff early this year, gift shopping, cards, baking etc. So why I ask myself is it the 7th and I still don't even have the Advent calendar going? I've got Christmas all over the place, my house is a mess. The tree is up and decorated. I didn't tell you that it fell before we had it decorated and hit the table where the gorgeous angel topper was and shatterred it into a gajillion pieces. We already replaced the topper, it's not as pretty but it's an angel dressed in white and gold. The wreaths are hanging on the front door, inside and out- I need to replace the bow on the indoor one because it's just sooooo done. I decorated a fake ficus that we have in a corner with red bows last night, it also has little white lights and looks very festive. I've been wrapping every day. I've sent out 40 holiday cards and am not done. I did pack up my brother's gifts to ship them out tomorrow. The village hasn't even begun to get laid out. Heck (keepin' it PG) , dear hubby hasn't even finished taking OUT the Christmas stuff, there's more in the attic! The nativity isn't out yet, the stockings aren't hung, the lights aren't up outside. As I do all of this, what is hubby doing, enquiring minds want to know? Watching TV. He hasn't bought or wrapped one gift. He hasn't written or addressed one card. He bought the tree with 17, he and I put the lights on it and as a family we decorated it. He's taken out some of the boxes etc that were in ONE closet; what about the other closets? and under our bed? and in the attic? (Pause for deep breath here- better now, thanks for waiting) I have no idea WHERE my decorations are going since we got rid of a huge wall unit that we had in the living room that had tons of shelf space - poof gone. So, there is an Xmess in my house and I want it all done this weekend. Is that a lot to ask? Well, I'm putting my foot down (stomp!). If it's not set out this weekend, it's not getting set out! It'll come out next year. I want to enjoy the holidays and to be able to have people come in, be able to walk to a place to sit and sit on it and see nicely decorated surfaces in my home- even if those people is just me! You may all return now to your sanely paced lives, happenings and events. But be sure to stay tuned next week to see what gets decorated for Xmas '06 at my house....
'Tis the season to be frazzled and I do it oh so well ;)

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