Friday, December 15, 2006

The jokes are real and so NOT funny

I tend to stay away from the political but when I heard this on the radio this morning I just started shaking my head and had to read the entire article. There are no words. I don't even know what to say other than there are so many things wrong with this article. Jorge Lopez and all the other comedians have been joking about it but here it is. The immigrants are building the border wall, the fence company is being fined, their lawyer is saying that this case only proves that the construction companies need guest workers, so why are we building a wall? So, sad. Still shaking my head.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Generations of friendship

Me: "Boys, open these cards", as I sort the mail.

17: opens one of those photo cards and just says "wow".

14: looking over his shoulder, "who's that?"

17: "It's soandso from Tampa, can't you read?!" (what do you want? he's 17!)

14: "Wow, we haven't seen them in a while! Look how big the kids are."

17: "We need to go visit them."

14: "Yeah, we really should."

I realize this sounds trite but it warmed me to the bottom of my toes because this is a family friendship that has crossed generations. They were looking at a picture of the family of my mom's best friend's daughter. Relax, I'll do that again, slower this time. My mom (who passed away years ago) always kept in touch with her best friend (BF) from high school. BF lived in Tampa and we grew up in Virginia. The two families visited each other over the years, when I moved to Miami, I continued visiting them in Tampa and actually hubby met my mom for the first time at a Thanksgiving when we all convened in Tampa at BF's house. BF had two daughters who's weddings I went to with my hubby and kids and I continued the friendship and visiting with them even after my mom passed away. A few years ago BF passed away too. I have kept in touch with her husband and her kids who now also each have two children of their own. One of them has twins, which we went to visit when they were only 7 weeks old and took care of them for an entire weekend to give the immediate family some needed rest (but that's a whole 'nother post). So, it was heartwarming to me that my boys of their own volition want to stay connected and visit them. That it's not 'those people that our parents always took us to go see'. They genuinely want to see and spend time with them. Only time will tell how long this bond will last between the families but I think 3 generations is pretty cool. Especially considering that the original link; the two moms are no longer with us. They did something right! :) THANKS to both of you. Think of you often and luvyalots!

Monday, December 11, 2006

It looks like Christmas

The decorations are set and the boxes have been put away. Well, at least you can't see them. People can actually come into my house, not have to walk over and around boxes and find clutter free spots to sit and enjoy the Christmas decorations. YEA! for me!

I know that all you enquiring minds were waiting to hear what got done and what didn't by way of decorating this weekend. Well, I came home Friday to see hubby hanging icicle lights outside. I was happily impressed. I walked into the house to find even MORE of a mess o' boxes etc since he brought everythng down from the attic. We diligintly worked ALL day Saturday (read: he worked on the back yard and I decorated). My in-laws dropped by during this chaos and MIL helped me set up the village. This is the first year it is set up all together in one place and actually looks like a quasi-village, I mean we have a brewery next to the orphange but whatever. I also baked more cookies on Saturday while I decorated. The traditional sugar cookies that 14 loves. I did go out shopping on Sunday so I left hubby to put away the last remants of the boxes and to my delight - he did! (read: he put them in another room, until he feels like putting them back in the attic and I am picking my battles). My house looks ready for Christmas! ok, the common rooms do, you can't go into the rest of the house but I'm good with that.

Yes, you read correctly, I went shopping. I know - I'm done. I really am. I went with a girlfriend of mine becasue she needed to pick up a couple of things and well, ok so I ended up buying something at almost every store we went to. But I was done. Well, now some people are getting more because I just love giving gifts. I even bought my GM, who is currently not speaking to me, a blouse and a box of chocolate covered cherries - she loves those cheap liquer filled things- I think they are just plain awful. I bought the boys a couple of stocking stuffers (I know, I didn't need them but...), I got an ornament hanger for a special ornament that has a picture on it of me and all my girlfriends. It is now hanging in my china cabinet. I also bought this pickle ornament because I saw it and had to have it, some little boxes I needed to finish wrapping, and rib bones for our dog (he has a stocking too). I think that's all I bought. Anyway, we went to 11 stores. WAY more than I would ever do but we were together and on a mission to finish her shopping. We even went to a local discount store that I NEVER go to because it's always a mess and when we got there it was being liquidated. It was scary! Shelves empty, stuff on the floor, everything all awry! we walked around but neither of us actually bought anything we were both a bit overwhelmed at the disarray. It looked a bit post-apocalyptic; more than I could handle. We laughed and had a good time even though we were both exhausted afterwards. It was a good day.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What kind of reader are you.

I stole this quiz from another blog but hey, I like these things. I know you are all falling out of your seats impressed that I was able to post the results here like that complete with working link allowing you to take the quiz yourself. Personally, I'm grinning from ear to ear that the link works. So g'ahead take the quiz and let me know what kind of reader you are.

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Literate Good Citizen
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz

Now, mind you, I honestly don't consider myself 'well read'. I mean there are so many books that I want to read - new and old. There are a ton of books that are considered 'classics' that I just haven't been able to get to. I mean I just read To Kill A Mockingbird this year! But at least I read it. It was fabulous. Everyone in the world should have to read it. But that's just my humble opinion.

Can you go to the bookstore without buying something? That's getting harder and harder for me to do. Even when I have gone a few time in the past few weeks to pcik up books that I ordered as gifts, I tend to get myself something too. The other day I picked up a book I ordered for 14 and I bought myself Love and Freindship and other early works by Jane Austen. I'm half way through it. Not that I'm not reading like 4 other books right now but this one was thin (only 99 pgs), fits in my purse and I love Jane Austen. BTW the mispelling in the title is hers not mine. It's a super easy and cute read but I digress. The point is sometimes I'll just get a magazine but I ALWAYS walk out with something else for me to read. It's like I'm addicted or something. There are so many pretty books with words and stuff in them and I wanna have em all! Oh, well I guess there are worse things in this world. C'est la vie!


I started my Christmas stuff early this year, gift shopping, cards, baking etc. So why I ask myself is it the 7th and I still don't even have the Advent calendar going? I've got Christmas all over the place, my house is a mess. The tree is up and decorated. I didn't tell you that it fell before we had it decorated and hit the table where the gorgeous angel topper was and shatterred it into a gajillion pieces. We already replaced the topper, it's not as pretty but it's an angel dressed in white and gold. The wreaths are hanging on the front door, inside and out- I need to replace the bow on the indoor one because it's just sooooo done. I decorated a fake ficus that we have in a corner with red bows last night, it also has little white lights and looks very festive. I've been wrapping every day. I've sent out 40 holiday cards and am not done. I did pack up my brother's gifts to ship them out tomorrow. The village hasn't even begun to get laid out. Heck (keepin' it PG) , dear hubby hasn't even finished taking OUT the Christmas stuff, there's more in the attic! The nativity isn't out yet, the stockings aren't hung, the lights aren't up outside. As I do all of this, what is hubby doing, enquiring minds want to know? Watching TV. He hasn't bought or wrapped one gift. He hasn't written or addressed one card. He bought the tree with 17, he and I put the lights on it and as a family we decorated it. He's taken out some of the boxes etc that were in ONE closet; what about the other closets? and under our bed? and in the attic? (Pause for deep breath here- better now, thanks for waiting) I have no idea WHERE my decorations are going since we got rid of a huge wall unit that we had in the living room that had tons of shelf space - poof gone. So, there is an Xmess in my house and I want it all done this weekend. Is that a lot to ask? Well, I'm putting my foot down (stomp!). If it's not set out this weekend, it's not getting set out! It'll come out next year. I want to enjoy the holidays and to be able to have people come in, be able to walk to a place to sit and sit on it and see nicely decorated surfaces in my home- even if those people is just me! You may all return now to your sanely paced lives, happenings and events. But be sure to stay tuned next week to see what gets decorated for Xmas '06 at my house....
'Tis the season to be frazzled and I do it oh so well ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My ornaments

Have I mentioned that I love decorating my Christmas tree and I mean LOVE it. I love my collection of ornaments. I have ornaments from every place we've been on vacation. Some places didn't have an ornament so I bought a key chain that is hangable like an ornament. I have ornaments from my childhood. I have ornaments made by my kids through the years at school. Plus, I have ornaments that represent happenings/stuff in my kid's lives.
Every year since the Baby's First Christmas ornament, I have bought each child an ornament that means something to them. For example: when 17 was little he liked Winnie the Pooh, I have Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and the Kangaroo (I forgot his name), the boys liked the Power Rangers, I have one for each of them, Superheroes, sports teams, Santa fishing to commemorate a first fishing trip, Santa snowboarding, a cell phone ornament because he finally got one etc. It's a lot of fun to pull them out each year. On the boxes I have the year and a short dedication as to why they got the ornament. Tigger juggling soccer balls...For playing and loving soccer for three years. You get the idea. Eventually, I will loose many of these ornaments because as each son makes his own home they will be passed on to them and their trees will be full of memories. I know they look forward to opening the ornaments every year and seeing what new ones they get on Christmas day. They even remind me of events that have happened to see if I can find ornaments to represent. It's fun looking back at the memories year after year.
What started as one ornament a year of course, has mushroomed. This year they are each getting 5 because well, I couldn't decide. I give one to me and hubby too. Afterall we can't be left with a bare tree when the boys are grown and gone.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend recap

I was going to recap the weekend but I can't remember what I did on Friday, I'm sure it was fabulous! Saturday, I ran errands, boring stuff: bank, post office, $ store etc. Fixed a nice breakfast for everyone, French toast, eggs & hash browns, cafe con leche and cuban bread. Started house chores when guess who called! GM. She wanted her TV. Told her I would take it over in a while as I was going out with the boys. Problem: She doesn't want to see the kids, just wants her TV. FINE! I stuck it in the car and took it over. We argued for a bit about a lot of things and I left. The house is actually very nice, she's in a private room, so hopefully it will work out for a while. The woman told me she was still fighting with them about taking her meds.
14 went to school to be a tour guide for their Open House. He's gotten so involved in high school stuff. It maked me happy that he likes it. 17 had leg cramps because he's working out too much with the track team now since football is over, so he went to see the trainer for treatment and brought 14 home afterwards. Yeah! a perk to his driving! (insert sing songy voice) I didn't have to go back out to pick him up! (stop sing songy voice)Hubby was making trips to the dumpster, he's making the back yard look nice (YEAH!) because we are hosting a New Year's Eve Party. Yes, he has to start this early because the yard looks like a dump. I made Crema de Vie and Oatmeal Cranberry cookies. The boys got ready for their dance and I made them stand still together for a picture all dressed up. They clean up good if I do say so myself. It's nice seeing them all dressed up. We took 14 to his date's house (very good friends of ours) and got off to see the gilrs dressed up and see all the picture taking, they grow up so fast! 17 was supposed to take our camera to take pictures of his group, he actually volunteered to do this and then forgot the camera! He picked up his date, they went to her best friend's house where a bigger group met and they went in a limo! So, no driving worries there! 17's date didn't have a curfew! Can you believe that?! Anyway, after the dance the limo took them back, they all got their cars and went to another friends house for the after-party. This is at 1:00am. He starts texting me at 2am that they will be leaving soon. Long story short- date's best friend's mom stuck in traffic behind a big accident (great!), her date had left and they didn't want to leave her there alone. That's HIS story. He finally gets home @3:20am! He came to the room, gave me a kiss, said thanks mom for letting me stay. I guess I was a winner that night and not the shrew he normally thinks I am (yeah, for me and our relationship). 14 had a good time too even though he didn't dance because his date didn't want to, they still had fun. Sunday is football day at my house. I baked cookies and rice krispy treats, and made crema de vie, and did the Christmas cards and took out all the Christmas decorations. We're decorating the tree Monday night and hopefully the house will be all done by Tuesday.
oh yeah, I forgot! 17's date went to the store with him to pick out his tie for the dance! What a hoot! I didn't do that until we were married! I guess they are starting earlier and earlier these days.

Friday, December 01, 2006

We Did It!

I feel like Henry Higgins after the ball when Liza passes without being unmasked as a street vendor! We did it! We did it! I said that I could do and indeed I did!

SO, what do we do for an encore? Well! You will just have to keep checking back to see now, won't you.

Other goings ons:

* Both of my boys are going to the Christmas formal dance of the local Catholic high school. The girls have to invite and boy and they get all dressed up. The girls well, you all know all the stuff they have to do, the hair, the nails, the make-up, the dress, the shoes etc! My boys well, we lowered the hems of pants, bought new shirts and one bought a new tie! Woo Hoo! So, many preparations, so much excitement. I'm trying to contain myself. But then two days ago Son2 (who's a freshman) said he needed to get a haircut before the formal because he had to "look good" and "can't go with this mop on his head". His words, no lie. Fine, you may have girls who always want to look pretty but I have boys who don't give a hoot how they look most of the time so, this is a big deal. I told hubby he has to take him today for a trim, not too short so he doesn't have the 'just got a haircut' look.

* Son1, who is now driving, is having curfew issues. The formal ends at 12:30, he's normally home by 1am. I understand that would mean no after party or no go eat someplace afterwards. I'm not a shrew, I know I have to give him some slack but how much. So, I told him to ask what time the girl's curfew is. I'm thinking 1/2 hour after that to give him time to get home would be reasonable. Hubby's not sure I should have left it up to him. Says he's going to make up a time but Son1 hasn't lied to us yet -at least we've never caught him- so, shouldn't I trust him? I'll see what we do tonight when we hash it all out.

* Grandmother (GM) update, just cuz I need to get it out. She moved and I don't know where to. now the details. For about 2 weeks she was refusing to take her meds. The manager in charge of her ALF told her that if she didn't take her meds she would have to leave in the hopes of scaring her into taking them. But alas, MY GM simply told her the next day that she had a place to go, she was going to live with a friend. So, this woman packs up my GM and takes her to this friends' house and when they arrive, lo and behold the friend knew nothing about it. She allowed her to spend 1 night there but she couldn't live there because there is no one to care for her. The next day the manager picks her up and is told that she made arrangements to live with her BIL (you would think she had learned by now) but upon arrival again BIL knew nothing about it. She was again allowed to stay one night. Since my GM had told her that she was NOT going back to her place the manager made some calls and found another ALF for her and took her there on day 3. Meanwhile, back at the ranch I have been calling daily to talk to her and have been told that she's out or unavailable NOT that she's not there! Finally yesterday I was told she had moved, I spoke to the manager and she swore to my GM that she wouldn't tell me where because she doesn't want me to run her life, "she is capable of taking care of herself". So, I begged for the # and when I called my GM told me she was perfect and didn't want me to meddle and hung up. I did a reverse look up with the phone # and actually have the address but I'm not sure whether I should drop by or not or if I should just talk to the owner and keep tabs on her.
*Naturally, I woke up this morning with my face all blotchy, swollen and itchy - I think it's stress. Great.
* On a lighter note, we will be tree decorating this weekend. I love that and will tell you all about that later. :)