Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lost track...

I haven't been reviewing or chatting about the books I read and I've lost track of what I've read this year. So, this week I'm going to think back and try to write a short review on each book. This way at the end of the year I can feel all accomplished and wonderful about myself and all that I have read. Stay tuned. The goal is to have this done over the weekend.

I wonder if I can remember them all, they say short term memory is the first to go!
Take Big Bites, A Raisin in the Sun, Bel Canto, Eat Love Pray...see, I'm already stuck! and I know I've read way more than that! Heck that was just in the past month. oh no, this is going to be hard! Maybe if I go stare at my book case and sundry book piles....

(added later) I remembered another one: My Sister's Keeper

1 comment:

Hilda said...

You also read (among others):

* the Katherine Hepburn book
* The Language of Sycamores
* My Cousin Rachel

You're welcome! :)