Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend stuffs

I didn't do too much because my nose wasn't working right. I'm all congested and wasn't feeling too well. Of course, that didn't stop me from going to some friends house after dinner Friday to meet their parents that were here from out of town. We went late and played poker while we waited for 14 to call us to pick him up from a party. A nice easy night with good company. While I was there my friend gave me this lovely orange tea that I can't wait to buy and it's available at our local grocery store. It was yummy and made me feel good. She even gave me an extra tea bag to take home and have for breakfast. Yum.

Saturday, I napped, we went to BJs to do some groceries, I napped, and we did a couple of loads of laundry and I napped, and then fixed dinner and I napped. By the time the same friends came over to our house after dinner I was feeling much better and we played more games.

Sunday, we all slept until 11:00 AMAZING! I made waffles fro breakfast. We watched our Netflix movie "Cocaine Cowboys" a documentary about the cocaine trafficking in Miami in the late 70's and '80's. It was very well done. We watched it with 17 who was impressed because obviously hubby growing up here was very familiar with the headlines that they were referring to. I think he was impressed because to him it was like ancient history and to his father it was memory. Then I napped while the last load of laundry was washed. Them we watch "Hidalgo" which we had recorded quite sometime ago. I enjoyed it but I think I may have dozed in and out. I was under the influence of OTC cold meds.

Hubby was a bit more active than I was, while I was napping he was cleaning the pool and chauffeuring 14 to his weekend stuff. He was quite useful this weekend! Yeah, for me!

So, a lazy congested head weekend makes for a lazy congested head Monday. My main source of nutrition today is tea, Halls cough drops and soup.

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