Friday, January 25, 2008

And then there were 3...

I am getting a dry run at what it will be like if/when 18 goes away to college in the fall. He left this morning and won't be back until Sunday late afternoon. HE was flown up by Union College, who is heavily recruiting him to play football. I don't understand the whole thing because they can't give him a football scholarship and so I think the only incentive to go is that he will be able to play this game that he loves but ya know $$$ talks and unless he gets financing it aint happening. He understands this and said he will discuss it with the coaches. At the very least he's getting a trip out of it and enjoying the experience to be had from all of this.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... we are making plans without him. It's a little odd. Him and I share a car and the fact that I don't need to coordinate outings etc with him and have more 'freedom' with the planning it nice. 15 is liking it too. He's the center of attention. It has always been coordinating everyone's needs and this weekend the needs are pared down to only household and 15.

I'm not saying I won't miss him. I'm just saying wow, this will be a little more relaxing because it's just less. I think I could learn to like that. We'll see how it works out.

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