Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A few things...

Let's me jot these things down before I forget them...

* 15 enjoyed his weekend sans big brother. He says next year is gonna be great! He doesn't have to wait for anyone else to use the bathroom. Doesn't have to yell at his brother to turn the light off of the bathroom which apparently bothers 15 from his room (who knew), he can have his music on louder and it doesn't bother anyone, he can play PS II whenever he wants. When I told him I hadn't realized they had so many issues he stopped and corrected me. They are "issues" he explained, it's just stuff that's not important, no big deal in life but it will be nice when the stuff is gone. He's got such an easy going personality, it amazes me.

* The weekend was easy. It just flowed without complaint. We told 18 this because he was home no less than 15 minutes before he was witching and moaning about stuff and the 3 of us looked at each other and said welcome back! and laughed.

* 18 had a great time. He wasn't expecting to (such an optimist, no?) but he liked the school, the area, the people, the coaches, everything. Says if he could have registered for school right then he would have and just not come back. I'm glad he liked it.

* Last night 18 commented on how refreshed he was even though he was physically tired. He concluded that it was the trip. He had really needed to just get away, the break did him good. He decided everyone should do this often - just get away and break up the routine. Hubby told him in the real world it's called vacation. We all laughed.

* I am still scrapping. Not the football stuff, even though I have more football stuff to scrap for my son. But my in-laws brought over a bunch of loose pictures that they found that he thought I might like. From hubby as a baby through our kids as babies. So, we grouped them together and I have been scrapping all those pictures, I have done 12 pages in 3 nights. They are coming out beautiful as I get more and more confident and creative with my layouts.

* We have a TON of work at work- Yuck! We are working too many hours.

* I signed up for GoodReads and so far I have a bunch of friends but haven't done much else with that. I need to enter the books but you know, I'm scrapping.

* I joined a Food Co-op thing. I'm not sure what I am going to get but I'm going to try it. A co-workers daughter was trying to round up a group of people and so they convinced me. Right now we are going to do it every 2 weeks, we'll see if it changes to weekly. For $25 I will get a box of produce. Right now she is going to Homestead and picking it up but maybe eventually we'll take turns, carpool, whatever. it's very casual, you can cancel anytime, no subscription or season of weeks to buy. My co-worker said that they got bananas, tomatoes, lettuce some squash and fabulous corn. Let's see how this goes.

That's all I can think of for now....

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