Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Party

As you know, the party was at our house on New Year's Eve. It's was lots of fun. It takes very little planning and coordinating and we have a great time. Here I found the actual e-vite that I sent:

Ok, here it is, the long awaited for (LOL!- what fools you are!) formal e-vite to the annual New Year's Eve Party/Bash/Extravaganza (still laughing!)...I am only sending it because some of you have told me that you need a formal invite to my house. So, here it is:

You, your families, anyone you want or feel obligated to kiss at midnight are invited to Our House New Year's Eve. As in the past, I provide the house, the grapes and the champagne (sparkling cider for the kiddies). You must bring your happy selves and anything else required to make your evening a success.
Everyone is welcome, young and old alike, extended families, girlfriends, kids friends whoever! My teens will both be in attendance (yes, they already know and apparently aren't fighting it this year as I was told they each have invited people- yea me- they gave in!)

Reminder or in case you are a first timer: I have a pool that is not child proofed. You are responsible for watching/chasing/jumping in after your own child. Although there are usually many grandmas around keeping an eye on that. Dress: casual (unless your tradition requires dress-up) but your kids will probably be playing basketball in the back or football in the grass up front. Do not be surprised if they end up dirty and sweaty. Music: we have a DJ (15s friend, has once again stepped up for the show) who we happily coerce into playing whatever we want so that everyone dances (unless you don't want to). The selection will include everything from Partridge Family to Tim McGraw to Chirino, Celia Cruz, Madonna, Beyonce and beyond. Food: If you want to eat it, bring it and a little to share. There is always a ton as typically y'all don't know how to bring just one thing and bring multiple items - not that I'm complaining ;)

Traditions: We already do the following:
* eat 12 grapes (provided by moi; good luck for each month of the new year)
* champagne toast (provided by moi; because we like it ;))
* toss a bucket of water out the front door (one rep from each family please) (representing the dirty water from the cleaning of the house that day to 'throw out the evil spirits' )
* eat lentils (provided by M's mom for prosperity and fortune in the new year)
* parade around the perimeter of the house with luggage (I provide backpacks and other bags that we share, to provide travel in the upcoming new year)
If you have another tradition, bring it and we'll do it with you!

RSVP (or not). I'd like a head count to have a clue how much champagne to get but if you say no today and decide yes on the 31st, PLEASE just show up! There's always room for more. The door will be open, just walk on in and make your way to the back. The celebration goes on rain or shine or cold (Bwahahaha- you think it gets cold here!) We've put up tarps before and I also have a coffee bar set up to warm you or sober you up.

I think I covered everything, if not just ask! :) Hope to see you. If not, I hope you ring in the new year with health, love and laughter all around you!

Some of the yeses turned into nos, the maybes were all no shows. So the next day a final tally brought us to 60 people and we planned for 70 so, pretty good. There were a couple of new families that came this year and I hope we didn't scare them off with all of our funky traditions. We were reminded of one that I had forgotten: to wear yellow underwear. I am told it's a Costa Rican thing and I really wasn't told what it's for but no matter next year I will ask Santa for new yellow undies.

18 was actually sick and didn't make an appearance until after midnight and we laughed when he told us that he put 2 pillows over his head when he heard the Christina Aguilera song "Genie in a Bottle" come on. You see when that song came on everyone started chanting for hubby. He dances like a genie- it's quite a sight! You know that DirectTV commercial with Beyonce. Well hubby says he's perfectly those moves for next year- OMG! moving on...I was able to get all of the boys to dance this year. Most of them are in their teens and get very embarrassed but that's my job, to embarrass children, and I am very good at it. The most difficult of the bunch, one of 18s best friends, was obliged to get up and 'teach me a version of Solja Boy'. It was lots of fun.

I can't wait until next year as each one gets bigger and better... good friends, lots of family, good fun...happy new year!

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Okay, I am SOOO going this year!