Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going Bananas.

How many bananas do you buy at a time? It varies at our house every week as we struggle to try and get it right. We never do. This week a bunch of 6 was not enough, they were gone by Wednesday morning. I ask you how does a family of 4 eat 6 bananas in 2 days when 2 people claim not to have eaten any? That means the kids ate 6 bananas - not that there's anything wrong with that, we buy the food so they eat it, so fine. But back to the banana math... 2 kids 2 days 6 bananas. 15 claims to have only eaten 1. So, that means 18 ate 5 bananas in 2 days. He doesn't know apparently my scholar can't count that many bananas. I just think that's a lot of bananas in 2 days. I'm just saying.
So, hubby laughs saying "Other weeks I only get 3 or 4 and they sit there and go bad." He just can't figure it out. I tell him well, if I ate 5 bananas in a couple of days that would last me for a while so next week he probably won't eat any. Of course, I am probably wrong on this banana thing. We really haven't done a long term study on this but we probably could because honestly we talk about bananas in my house every week. First, when we ask if anyone want anything from the grocery store? Bananas are always in the mix. Then during the week, if they are gone (they are ALWAYS put in the same plate in the same place) a child may ask "Are there any more bananas? Where are they?" Answer: you got it - if they're not on the plate then you ate them! OR you may hear a parent say to no one in particular, "Isn't anyone eating bananas? They are going to go bad!" Well, obviously if they are going bad, no one is eating them.
We are a very astute bunch when it comes to bananas. Riveting stuff. I know.

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TroyBoy said...

I feel your pain. Though in our household the uncertainity is a little more understood as we make our requisitions to the whims of a three year old, who not unlike your scholar apparently, goes through phases in his desire for eating the green-turns yellow - turns spotted - turns black - turns Good Lord, that's funky! fruit.