Friday, January 18, 2008

Still scrappin'

In case you have never read my blog....I am organizing a group of women (6) in making 30 identical scrapbooks (one for each Senior on the Varsity football team) to be handed to them at the football banquet on Tuesday. We are making 30 books. We have been making 30 books since September, meeting once a week at my house with VERY few skipped weeks over the holidays and some weeks 2 meetings and this week they will be back a third time tomorrow- Saturday! I started researching and planning the book last June! Looking and pricing albums, paper, embellishments. I started ordering supplies over the summer.
The book is 44 pages and includes all aspects of their Senior year of football. We still have 2 pages to do! There are 9 books that are complete (sans 2 pages) and 21 books that are like a third of the way there. I have thoroughly enjoyed having everyone over, laying out the pages and even looking for the stuff but if I don't have to think in multiple of 30 again that would be a good things as far as I am concerned.
In the process 2 of the moms have become scrappers and we plan on getting together to add a few more special pages for our boys later but see 3 of something is much easier to get than 30 or 60 or 90!

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