Monday, February 18, 2008


What a nice weekend I had.....Semi-prodictive, VERY relaxing and lots of reconnecting....just lovely!

Saturday, after running errands early and doing house chores, I had lunch at home with hubby. Nothing special, just reheated leftovers from the crappy week but it was just the 2 of us and we sat and talked and it was nice.

We then went and picked up 18 at the airport from his week in DC. Heard a bunch of stories, he had a great time. We had an early dinner and all 4 four of us just sat around after dinner and 18 told us stories and we updated him on things from our week. It was nice. It all seemed so "grown-up". Hubby and I commented later that it was a little surreal that those were our children seeming like adult friends. Again, it was nice. Saturday night hubby and I hung out together and watched Tivo and folded clothes and sorted some pictures that I will be scrapping.

Sunday, I didn't have time to make the usual waffle breakfast for the boys because they slept in and I had the first cooking class that day but I left them the batter ready to go and was happy to hear later that they made their own waffles when they each got up. Of course, hubby commented that he hopes they ate more than they spilled all over the counter.

The cooking class... I am organizing cuban cooking classes to pass down home recipies to this generation. This was our inaugural class. it was at one of my best friends' mom's house. We learned to make ham croquettes. It was fabulous. Such a wonderful time. During the downtime form the actual cooking we sat aroudn and she showed us on old photo album and we talked about all sorts of things: Cuba, our kids, comparing the raising of kids from their times to our times to our kids, music etc.. It was soooooo nice!

When I got home 18 had me fry up some croquettes right away and loved them. We had another easy nice dinner and then the boys went out. I did some scrapping and hubby watched TV and we called it an early night around 11.

Such an easy, pleasant weekend. I wish everyday could be that way....

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TroyBoy said...

Chris, I'm glad you had a great weekend. I'm also glad we got a chance to meet in person today - I just wish it was under happier circumstances.