Thursday, February 07, 2008


Not the lunch meat but the chimp. Remember him from high school history class? He was the first chimp in outerspace. The Americans sent him up in 1961. I know you have a vague recollection. Anyway, my son is taking him to Close-Up next week. Unwrinkle your forhead and I will explain.

Close-up is a week long trip he is taking with school to DC to do various activities to see learn the workings of our government. He is leaving on Sunday. He has a teacher who apparently loved Ham the Chimp as a kid and has a stuffed Ham now. Ham has traveled to many places but has never gone to Close-Up and 18 is taking him. He will take pictures of him at the various places they go to document the trip and is hoping that when he meets our Representatives he can get them to pose with Ham. This is his goal for the trip. I am gushing with pride. A week long field trip in DC in an election year to learn the what's what and he wants to get snazzy pictures of a stuffed chimp. I have paid thousands of dollars for his private school education people, thousands! I'm just hoping he learns more than Ham does. Gimme patience!

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sari said...

That's kind of funny, I'd love to see a photo!