Wednesday, February 20, 2008


One of a kind....classy...those are the first two words that pop into my head about Beba, my best friend's mom. We said good-bye to her today. Yes, it was sad and we cried but it was beautiful to see the gathering of friends and family that came to support my friend and help her say see you later to her mom. From down the street to Boca Raton to Cape Coral to New York and even the Brother who performed the service at her parents wedding anniversary was passing through from a visit to Cuba attended the service. I know Beba loved that.

I met Beba when her husband passed away and she was already suffering from the short term memory loss and the beginning of Alzheimer but she was a wonderful lady. From the stories she told, the way she carried herself and the stories I have heard from her daughter I can tell you she was someone I would have loved to know 20 years ago. Her strength of character, her love of life was all very apparent.

The service was nice... a few hours at the funeral parlor and then a mass. It was a weekday and so some people went to one thing or the other only a few to both. I think Beba would have liked that too. I don't think she would have wanted a big fuss- that wasn't her style- she wouldn't want to disrupt everyone's day completely but different people comig and going visiting and catching up, looking at pictures, saying good-bye, going to mass - I think that was her style. The mass was in Spanish as it should have been for Beba. The presided priest, clearly a Spaniard, said some lovely things not all of which were understood because of his stong Spanish accent. And ya know I think Beba was chuckling because ya know there had to be little something to stand out and make the event memorable. It just fit.

After the service we went to Versailles for lunch. As hubby calls it 'Ground Zero for the Cuban Exiles', we took the friends from the West Coast to eat traditional Cuban Food. I don't think it was by accident that we were 5 but they sat us at a table for 6. The extra spot ws for Beba encouraging us to entertain the out of town friends and introduce them to something new.

So, I had a Mojito for Beba and ate too much and spent the rest of the day hanging with my friends because I think that's was Beba would have wanted. I see her hand in hand with her husband, who I know she missed terribly because she always talked about him when I saw her and they lovingly watched us enjoying each other's company. So, bye Beba, say hi to my mom she's the one on the dance floor laughing.

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