Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Impressions

I will refer back to this trip in future posts but let me get some firsts out of the way.
First Impression of:

The town: This place is a dump. Where the heck am I leaving my kid? Why did he want to come here? ** Apparently, we drove into town through the poorest parts of town and to boot our hotel had an ick factor to it also.
The college campus: WOW, this is nice. Big enough and yet cozy in that small town way. ** We walked the whole thing - it's doable yet spacious.
The people on campus: made me smile and feel this is the right place for him. ** As we walked around we 'bumped' into a tour and I eaves dropped a bit. The former student spoke so well and with such pride and highlighted aspects that I thought described my son to a T.
The Coaches: made me want to stay and play football. ** We met 3 and they were all super personable. One recognized 18 as we walked over the the check-in area, stopped us, introduced himself and welcomed us very warmly and chatted with 18 for a few minutes. The head coach sat us down in his office and despite having I am sure 60 gallion things to do this 1st day checking everyone in spent a good 15 minutes chatting with us. During that visit 18s position coach walked in and introduced himself, remembering that he had spoken to me on the phone. All very nice.
The students: This feels right. ** As we made the trek up to the 4th floor by stair (no elevator) in his temporary dorm you could hear boys yelling at each other and welcoming each other back. All very nice. Then you hear a few expletives as a couple of them exchange greetings and the ones that crossed us on the stairs yell back "Language! Language! Parents in the house! Moms in the house!" and he apologized to me for the strong language saying '...sometime we get carried away' and then I hear a yell from the floor ahead 'Sorry mom! Sorry parents!' For whatever reason, that touched me. It hit me the right way. They obviously are close to each other and yet know there's a line of respect that shouldn't be crossed. I liked that. It made me think of my sons and their friends.
The people in town: I could live here if it weren't so friggin' cold most of the year. ** Everywhere we went everyone was so nice and friendly. EVERYONE! EVERYWHERE!

In the end I could understand the attraction to the school, the people and the place. He seemed happy, I was happy. It was all good.

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Hilda said...

I'm so happy for Ricky and for you...YAY!