Friday, August 01, 2008

Getting my ducks in a row

So, let's see here. How much progress, if any, have we made on things? and what's the plan of attack for the weekend?

Things collegiate:
* Well , the loan was approved. We have nothing else to do on that front. The bank and the school coordinate amongst themselves to confirm payment etc. So, Check.
* With the help of a friend, found a clinic through Walgreens that will give 18 the immunizations he needs and (more importantly) takes our insurance. He WILL do that this weekend. So, half-check.
* Still need a backpack.
* Want hubby to pull out suitcases this weekend so, we can start packing and see what we are still missing.
* Still waiting for the housing details and can't get the dorm stuff until we have that.

High School:
* 16 needs his uniform shoes.
* Also needs practice for driving test which is next Friday. OMG!
* Check for PE uniforms

* Thanks to 18 the pool may actually be usable this weekend. Nice. So, Check.
* We bought a piece of weather stripping for the front door and just need to install it. So, half-check.
* I need to get new storage containers. I threw a bunch of mine out because they were old and nasty!
*Need to finish posting things for sale on Ebay & So, half-check.

* Friday- Game night at a girlfriend's and I don't know what I'm taking yet.
* Cuban Cooking class at my house Saturday! Picadillo time.
* Another girlfriend coming over to sew; she's making a pillow; I want to cut out and maybe if there's time make a Poncho for my niece.
* Scrap and make cards.

Responsible Adult stuff:
* Need to update online bill payments.
* Need to bathe the dog.
* Put together the clothes that the boys have outgrown and take it for donation.
* Need to order a new charger for 16s computer because his died and the boys are sharing and ya know one of them is leaving soon.
* Laundry
* Groceries
* I have to get blood work done this weekend

GREAT! Not too many checks on that list! Lots to do and I'm sure I left stuff off. Whatever. Taking a deep we go! Oh, yeah, I forgot. I'm still at work. A couple more hours to go. Oh, well. Here's hopin' half of this gets done. Gimme patience.

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