Friday, August 08, 2008

Packing pains

You may be tired of reading about clothes and packing but you can't be as tired as I am actually dealing with the clothes and the packing. And so I continue to blog about it.

Based on the amount of clothes that 18 wants to take to college I was under the impression that he thinks he's moving into a mini-mansion with mega-closets. This lead us into a conversation which others may call an animated discussion including huffing, puffing, deep breathing, and eye rolling by both parties - yes I can act like I'm 18 too. He has always been very vain about what he wears and how he looks. For a while there he had more hair product that the other 3 people in the house combined until he found what works for him.

He finally enlightened me that he is fully aware that his dorm is going to be miniature in size and probably shared by 2 people. His plan is anything that doesn't fit in the closet or stacked on the "desk" or in the suitcase which he expects to fit under the bed will be neatly stacked on the floor around his bed. WELL! Lovely, as long as we have a plan!

I will let you know if any of this clothes comes back to Miami.

Then we had a 30 minutes discussion on how to pack the football cleats without "messing them up". Naturally, I hadn't realized that they were fragile because 1) they go on your feet 2) you play football with them and I hear that's a contact sport. They are going in the shoe part of the garment bag. He's taking 2 pairs. I had to put a pair IN the compartment to show him that they actually fit because apparently I have no clue how to handle cleats. Whatever! (best read with a rolling of the eyes)

Meanwhile recently 16 went to Cocoa Beach for a few days with some friends. He says that when they picked him up and he walked out with a backpack and a beach towel under his arm. They all asked him if that was ALL he was taking. Was he sure he had everything? He said yes and off they went. When they got to the hotel, they all compared what they took. He took the least amount of clothes. He did forget his running shoes to workout but he had others so he used those. The other boys questioned why he was bothering to put his clothes in the drawer. He told him because it's clean, as I wear it, I put it back in the bag and when we leave all my clothes should be back in the bag. They all did the same thing. He says that on Sunday when they were leaving, he only had one outfit that had not been worn which he took as an extra because you never know. They also teased him when they were talking about how they packed when he told them that his socks and underwear were in the pockets of each pair of shorts that he was going to wear to save space. That explains why he took a backpack and the others each had 2 bags and too much clothes.

So, at least one of them knows how to pack! I'll work on the other one. Gimme patience!

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