Thursday, August 21, 2008

The longest day ever!

What were you doing at 4 this morning? I was rolling out of bed and into the shower to wash off the sleep and hit the road. And now I have just showered again to wash off the travel of driving in the dark to the airport, 3 hours on a plane after the ordeal of getting checked-in (don't talk to me about the whole bag situation), drag your bags and tired azz to the car rental and drive the wrong way for an hour to only turn around drive back to the airport and start over again the right way. I'm a little tired. But enough about the trip because talking about that will only irritate me.
I got excited when I saw the signs fro Schenectady. The route we took to the college itself isn't the nicest part of town and made quite an impression - I'm leaving my baby here?! Then we get to the college. WOW! It's so pretty. Everything so manicured, the neat old style buildings, the historic buildings. All we did was drive around a bit before we went to the hotel to stretch out and then we drove around an explored the area a bit. So many rolling hills, real hills not the central Florida ones I've written about before. We found downtown, we saw gorgeous churches, some of which I want to go in to see later, we drove around to some neighboring towns. This is really a nice place!
I have taken a handful of pictures. From the car I actually got the picture of the Welcome to New York sign, a couple of shots the mountains as we drove, and my first sighting of the Nott Memorial (I think that's what its called) at the center of the college.
We are ready for bed, watching the Olympics, chillin', looking forward to tomorrow. I want to walk around the campus and see what we see.

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smart mama said...

I love going off to college - it was so fun, but i think i'll be sad when its time to send off my boys!