Monday, October 06, 2008

They fly!

Ants fly. Did you know that? Science was never my stong suit. Specifically, they are called Carpenter ants and they fly and we have them. We have had them for quite some time. We hired an exterminator and he has been doing his darndest but they keep coming back. Over the months we have been able to figure out where they are coming from. It took some doing. They are coming down through the attic and the light fixture in 18s room. He has a fan and they are coming through there.
We always had a greater concentration in his room and the office next door. Both of these rooms face the front of the house and we all presumed that they were somehow coming in through the windows, from the outside somehow. 18 always had a bunch of dead ones on his window sill. Then a couple on months ago, I actually saw one coming out of the fan's motor compartment. OMG! I freaked out. Well, they were back last week. I am sparing you pictures because I don't like bugs and don't want any on my blog. YUCK! So, we called the exterminator again and this time he sprayed in the attic. We shall see how that goes. If it doesn't last then, the next step is to fog the attic. I hope the are gone. I realize they are harmless but they are oversized flying ants. 'nuf said. YUCK!

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