Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Book review

I ordered the cutest book for my niece and my nephew. One arrived in the mail yesterday and I really like it. If either of them finds it interesting I will probably buy more of her books.

What REALLY Happened to Humpty? (from the files of a hard-boiled detective)

It's Mother Goose meets old school mystery and reads like a film noir short story that I think the kids will enjoy. Joe Dumpty, Humpty's brother, who was never Mother's favorite is the detective. He goes through questioning various nursery rhyme characters garnering clues and establishing a timeline. There are no muffins to be found because the muffin man is missing, every one felt the wind huff and puff, the 3 pigs newest house blew down etc etc. I think it's a wonderful story to introduce them to the mystery genre in a non-scary way. It even sets you up for future mysteries as Joe hunts that Mary keeps him busy finding her sheep.

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Hilda said...

You know what I always wondered - who says Humpty was an egg?