Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I like color. I realize that you wouldn't know it anymore looking at my wardrobe or honestly even looking around my house. Hubby isn't as into color as I am and therefore most of the house just blends together but that's another story.

I started thinking about color again a while back when sitting at a restaurant for breakfast a woman more robust than I walked in chatting happily with some friends, I guess. She was wearing a pink dress and strappy sandals. When I say pink, I mean hot pink, really bright hot pink. The dress was made of a jersey fabric that didn't flow but was clinging to her rotund body pronouncing all of her rolls and I have no clue how she didn't topple over or cut off her circulation with the straps that were cutting into her ankle and her feet and toes pouring over the poor soles. I watched her walk in and not fit into the booth she was directed to and ask for a chair to be set at the end of the booth. She sat at the end, her friends sat on either side of the booth.

I was a tad dumbstruck not at her size but at her attire. I couldn't imagine wearing that. Then I looked around and most of the patrons were pretty colorless. There was one floral print but even that was toned down with a lot of pastels. Then I thought - this is sad! I used to wear those colors. I even asked hubby, Remember the suit I had that was that hot pink color? He did. I wore that suit, a long sleeve jacket and short skirt that was hot pick. The jacket had big gold buttons and I wore it with a silk scarf that was a floral print with hot pink, royal blue and very bright green.

That made me think of other colors I used to wear. There was a killer red suit with black and gold buttons and a yellow suit that I probably could have worn for Halloween to be a sunflower. I had a royal blue dress that had a full flowing skirt and I even used to wear a dress that was purple with white polka dots. I had lots of color. It all went away. I'm not sure when exactly but I think it had to do with my weight. So, in an attempt to remedy that because color makes me happy. I have purchased a few items with color. I bought a pair of crop pants in not black but BROWN! and I bought some tops, brown, grey, red, light pink and I even bought a pink pullover. It's not hot pink, I'm ready for that but it's not a pastel either. I also bought a pair of brown sandals. Hey, baby steps people. I am going to get color back into my life.

I am even discussing paint colors for different rooms in the house with hubby and well you already know the car we bought is not white as most of our cars have always been but Glacier Blue with a grey interior.

So, look out people, here comes some color!

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