Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Do you eat dessert every day? I normally don't. Maybe I should say I didn't used to because for the past few months I have been.

Every night I have been craving something sweet about an hour after dinner. We've had tons of left overs (and baked for home consumption) of cakes, pies, cookies etc. So, a small piece of pie, or cake, a couple of cookies and like two months later, we've run out of stuff. I say run out because dessert is not something regularly purchased at the market when we go so it hasn't been replenished.

I was mentioning this to a co-worker and she said her and her husband are going through the same thing. She said they are down to eating the leftover holiday candy she had put in dishes for visitors (I forgot about that, I'll hit that tonight). Anyway, their theory is it's residual from the holidays.

I think she's right. I would have to go back to Thanksgiving but since then I was in baking overdrive. I baked for gifts and home so we always had something on hand. So, now it's January and the holiday baking is done and we've eaten all the sweets in site (except for that candy dish that has holiday chocolates - yum!) and every night we all look around the kitchen a little lost.

Of course, all this desserting has made a difference in my waistband and that's not good! but what do we do? How do we wean ourselves off dessert or do we go cold turkey? I'm not sure how this will turnout. 17 is the only one with some dessert left as he is the only one that eats Cookies n Cream ice cream and he'll probably finish that tonight. 14 finished his holiday candy last night. We'll see how we all handle this tonight.

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