Friday, January 05, 2007

Thinking out loud

Weekend to do list:
*Take sofa to dumpster!
*Put away Christmas Village and other assorted Christmas decorations still out
*Make a new recipe
*Send out some note cards/letters

This is good...keep it short and the list may actually get done....nice strategy...

And for during next week:
*Clean out the bread box to use it as a bread box!
*Clean out my purse
*Run all sorts of scans to clean up home computer and get it running better
*Decide on a color to paint the hallway as hubby is mumbling that he will do that on one of his Fridays off.

1 comment:

sari said...

We went to my father in laws today, and during the 45 minute ride I cleaned out my purse too.

Funny how all the stuff piles up in there, huh? I found a lot of things that I thought "what the...??"