Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Forgotten gift to the rescue!

So, as predicted about an hour after dinner I started scrounging through the fridge and the pantry. Nuthin! Well, there's fruit but that was really too healthy - not what I wanted. Just as I was about to breakdown and settle for a handful of grapes, I hear 14 get comfy on the sofa with a box of assorted Jelly Bellys. Hey! Where'd you find that! Remember we put it away for the NYE Party? Well, I found it when I got home from school.

I resealed the bag of grapes and I headed to the sofa. We sat together and studied the top of the box which is a map to all the flavors. Some of the sections were already emptied out but there was still plenty to choose from. 17 who was studying in his room grabbed a few when he made an appearance on the pretext of needing water and hubby just mubbled that he didn't like jelly beans. I kept telling him to open his mind and try a new flavor but he wouldn't budge. Oh well, more for us :)

There were a few flavors that just shouldn't be done, like toasted marshmallow- wow! way too sweet. But there were plenty of others that we enjoyed. So, this box of Jelly Bellys that we were given as a Christmas gift saved dessert, at least for the next few days until we get down to just cotton candy and licorice flavor - yuck! Then we will be back to: What do we do now?


Hilda said...

Well for starters, you can give me the cotton candy and the roasted marshmallow flavored ones!


sari said...

I like the marshmallow as well, but I don't like the cotton candy, tutti fruitti or licorice.

When I used to work at Ikea, I would carry a little plastic Jelly Belly dispenser in my pocket and eat Jelly Bellys at work. Those sweeeeeeet ones were always the ones left over.

I also like the pear, the plum, the orange and the buttered popcorn, though not all at the same time. Oh and those really bright red apple beans, yum.

(I think way too much about JB's, huh? ha ha)

Dixie said...

I'm all over the blueberry and the buttered popcorn ones myself.